Red Robin's 5 Alarm Chicken Sandwich--Take it or Leave it

I rarely go to restaurants to eat burgers or sandwiches. I always feel like it's beneath me to order something I could easily order in Carls Jr's drive up window when I'm dining out. Which is ironic because I tend to order appetizer combos instead of an actual entree. And appetizer combos are two steps lower on the bachelor food pyramid than a juicy burger.

Enter the new 5 Alarm Chicken Sandwich from Red Robin. You may already be familiar with the tasty 5 Alarm Burger, but Red Robin is offering this and a few other new specialty items until the end of July. This sandwich boasts "a spicy combination of grilled chicken breast, spicy Pepper-Jack cheese, jalapeƱos, tangy salsa and homemade chipotle mayo." Maybe it's because I'm just leaving work, but that is sounding pretty tasty right now.

To be honest, the only reason I got this is because I had a $10 gift card to Red Robin and wanted to stay in my limited budget(see also: free). Every other burger and salad were priced around 10 bucks, but because I wanted a drink I thought I'd have to order 2 small mozzarella sticks and a Coke. Well I was happy to find the 5 Alarm Chicken Sandwich w/ endless steak fries at a reasonable $6.99. You can't say no to that. And if you do, they might escort you out. (P.S. what's with their steak fries being the shape of grade-school erasers and even sort of tasting like them?)

In short, it's not the best chicken sandwich I've ever had. It's not even all that spicy. You think the jalapenos would help with that, but they've almost been absorbed by the salsa. Personally I wanted to bite into this sandwich and instantly regret it as I taste hellfire and even feel it burning my insides. But sadly it's just not that hot.

For the price and taste the 5 Alarm Chicken Sandwich is hard to beat and is a very reasonable lunch purchase (because we all know chicken sandwiches will not keep you satisfied at dinner). They are especially good if you have a $10 gift card.


Matt said...

What I really want to know is how long you spent eating basketful after basketful of bottomless fries??
Do you think they'd care if I fed my family on just the bottomless fries?

Anonymous said...

Red robin is lame.
Had a burger there with so many fat balls that it made me gag.

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