Kirkland Fruit and Nuts Review--Take it or Leave it

Cranberries, Cherries, Pistachios, Walnuts and Almonds.  What do these all have in common?
They are all in fruitcake.
They all find a home in a nasty snack called fruit festives.
They can all be added to cookies and will instantly ruin them.

All of the above involve eating some of the nastiest crap on the planet.  Alone, these food components are actually quite good. (except Walnuts...which tastes roughly like tree bark)  Unfortunately, someone decided to use the powers of bizarro-synergy to create the horrible dishes above.
So can Kirkland Fruit and Nuts mix with the above listed items be good?  It defies logical thought, but it is true.  This stuff is delicious.
Kirkland has dried the Cranberries and Cherries, and mixed them with the nuts.  They could have called it "Fruity crunch," or "Sweet nutty crunchies," or "Stuff you'd find in fruitcake"...but they decided to go straight up and call it "Fruit and Nuts." (This sounds strangely like something you'd find in the urban dictionary--On a side note, you can't say the word "nut" without a 12 year old boy giggling.  Kind of like "sack".)

The sweet dried fruit is offset by the nuts in this mix.  Even the gritty walnut is tolerated when mixed with a sweet cherry.  I found myself eating this more as a treat than a snack.  My kids were begging for it.
If you don't mind the side effect of having rabbit-like crap after eating, I highly suggest you run down to Costco and pick up a bag.  You can then create double entendre's to your hearts content with the words nuts and cherries.
Take it!!


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