Giveaway--$20 Arby's Gift Card

If you didn't like our review of the Arby's Angus Cool Deli sandwich, then maybe you'll like this:

We're giving away a 20 dollar Arby's gift card just for visiting this blog!  Entries will be accepted until Thursday 11PM EST.

You can get up to 3 entries for this contest, and a winner will be drawn randomly.  Below are the 3 ways you can earn an entry:

1--Respond to this post and list your favorite thing to dip into Arby's Sauce. (we prefer curly fries or fingers)
2--Follow us on Facebook by clicking this link and "Like" us.  If you already follow us, comment on any link on our Facebook page to gain another entry.
3--Follow us on Twitter by clicking this link.  If you already follow us, tweet any of one of our reviews for an extra entry.

If you do not appreciate our sophomoric humor and poor writing, then you can click this link, head down to the 5th ring, turn left at the 4th pit, and burn in Hell.


Gareth said...

There are only two things you can dip in Arby's sauce.

1) Packets of Arby's sauce
2) Babies

Julie said...

I dip a roast beef sandwich in their sauce

Julie said...

new Liker on fb Julie Scott Laws :)

Holly B said...

Bread from the sandwich or french fries.

Phenatic said...

Mr T's mohaw and/or gold chains. Or a Turkey marketfresh sandwich. Depends on the lunar cycle.

Jessica said...

Tater Cakes!!!

Matt said...

Hi All,

Julie was the random winner of the contest. You'll be contacted with details.

Thanks for entering. If you didn't win, please send us hate mail. We love it.

Catch My Words said...

Eck! How did I comment on the wrong post? I love to dip fries but it makes me too fat, so I'll just eat a yummy roast beef sandwich.


Catch My Words said...

Wrong Thursday! Now you'll really think I'm a ding dong. Here's your hate mail since I didn't win. ;0

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