Footloose Remake - Take It or Leave It

I just watched the trailer for the remake for Footloose, and I must say, I gotta go take a dump. I'm ashamed of our society that would tolerate such a non-sensical thing to occur. Temptation Island was a good idea in comparison to this. There are many reasons to make a remake. Special effects is probably the number one reason. A great story, especially of the Sci-Fi or Fantasy genre can often times benefit from a modern face-lift. If not that then at the very least you are required to bring something new to the table.

I was moderately interested in seeing this when it was rumored that Kevin Bacon would be playing the part of the pastor. That would be enough of a cool twist to drag me out to it. But no, they got Dennis Quaid. Dennis Quaid? Are you kidding me. They might as well have gotten John Lithgow to play the part again. Or Randy Quaid for that matter. Needless to say, Dennis is an uninspired choice.

Sadly, there is nothing new with this version of the film. It does look as though they actually show the fateful night that leads to the town banning music and dancing, but so what. The fact we didn't see those kid's heads burst open like watermelons in the original helped push the point of how ridiculous the law really was. This can only bring some sympathy for the town elders for enacting such a draconian edict. Other than this one little thing it appears to be a frame-by-frame reshoot, except now the music just sounds like a bunch of damn noise to me. No thanks. I'll just Leave It!


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