Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanero BBQ sauce--Take it or Leave it

I don't like BBQ sauce--I love BBQ sauce.  I love it so much that I can't get rid of all the BBQ sauce orphans in my fridge.  You know what I'm talking about.  You use most of the BBQ sauce grilling up some chicken, but there is still a little bit left in the bottom.  You turn it upside down and put it back in the fridge to be forgotten behind the sauerkraut and pickled eggs..  I need to create a BBQ sauce "suicide" and mix them together to make room for milk and butter.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great place to blow 15 bucks for a BBQgasm.  Is their food good? (so-so)  What does make them fantastic is their ridiculous variety of BBQ sauces.  They make it easy on you by listing the sauces from most mild to most hot.  I've tried both ends, and most in the middle.  The best mix of flavor and heat comes from the 3rd hottest sauce--Mango Habanero.
The flavor from the mango is fantastic, and then a couple seconds after the wing hits your lips--the heat comes in with an uppercut to your taste buds.  It's the perfect combination of heat and sweet.
The best part is that you can buy the sauces and bring them home.  3 bottles will run you about 12 bucks after tax.  Pour a little sauce on a boring chicken sandwich or salad--for a little kick.  My only complaint is that I wish Habanero was spelled Habañero so that I could have typed the enye character a little more.  Hardcore take it!!


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