Arby's Cool Deli Sandwich Review

Arby's has built it's reputation and fame from a single item.  No, I'm not talking about their roast beef...I'm talking about their sauce.

Is Arby's sauce barbeque sauce?  Is it more like a vinegary ketchup?  Was it the saving manna that led Moses through the desert?  I'm not entirely sure, but it sure is delicious.  I don't even know why they ask you if you want Arby's sauce with your sandwich when going through the drive-thru.  They should ask if you want a sandwich to go with your Arby's sauce.

In the hierarchy of leftover kitchen drawer sauce packets, the Arbys sauce sits in the pantheon of greats.  It reigns supreme above the no-name soy sauce packets, taco bell smarky quip packets, and honey packets from KFC. (really...who uses honey on a biscuit?  They're already like 20 fat grams a piece...do we really need to add a sugary topping? (yes)) (that was a parenthetic statement inside another parentheses.  I'm really on point here)

With my Arby's sauce obsession, I was a little leery of the new sandwich offering.  The Angus Cool Deli sandwich. (they also offer it as a wrap)
This is a change in that it is a "cool" sandwich.  I don't mean that it's cool like the Fonz.  It's cold.  The sauce, meat, and veggies are all cool. (although the bun is toasted)

This new sandwich flies into the very face of what Arby's deity created "in the beginning."  No hot roast beef, multiple sauces which in theory I wouldn't guess would mix well with Arby's sauce, and pickles.  I repeat--pickles on an Arby's roast beef sandwich.

Here's the catch though--It's really good.  I had them leave the mayo off the sandwich because my clothes are starting to get stretch marks.  It wasn't really necessary as the sandwich also has a vinaigrette dressing to complement the roast beef, banana peppers, pickles, Swiss cheese, onions and tomatoes.  In addition, the toasted bun gives a good complement to the cool toppings on the sandwich.
The only negative would be the price.  The sandwich is over 5 dollars by itself, and the combo will run you at least 7 bucks depending on your location.  If I spend $7.50 on lunch, I'd like it to be something different than fast food.

Did I end up putting Arby's sauce on this sandwich?  Yes.  It would have been sacrilegious had I not.  And it ended up working out quite well.  I'd purchase this again.  Strong 4-star rating here.
Check back tomorrow--We'll be giving away a 20 dollar gift certificate to Arby's so you can try the new sandwich.
Please note--Review Spew received this sandwich for free in order to review this item.  Review Spew does not give a positive or negative review based on receiving free items.  In fact, we generally enjoy giving negative reviews related to giveaway items.  It always seems to piss them off...:)  Alas, a negative review does not apply here.


Catch My Words said...

I like Arby's fries, but they don't like me. Makes me too fat, so I'll quit the dipping and just enjoy a roast beef sandwich. ;)


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