Three Taco combo at Jack in the Box Review

When I think of "comfort food," Jack in the box rarely comes to mind.  In fact, Jack in the Box (JITB) is one of many fast food eateries that falls onto the list of places that serve "discomfort food" based on the feeling I get after eating.  Don't get me wrong...I can put away a sourdough jack in roughly 153 seconds, but shortly after, my body goes into full fat-ass rejection mode.  My brain quickly realizes that I have placed a quasi-meat mixture along with 4 tablespoons of mayonaisse into my gullet.  The stomach acids begin to quickly attack the mixture in order to push the "food" through the exit chute before I can process the fats and turn them into an ever-increasing belly roll(s).  If you were to see me in person, you'd find that my stomach is winning the war with my brain.

That being said, Jack in the Box's tacos are comfort food for me.  I know what I'm getting.  I know what they'll taste like, and I know they are cheap.

I realize that the term tacos is being used loosely here.  There arent many tacos that are:

a) deep fried to a "crispy on the edges--mushy in the center" texture.
b) use an un-melted slice of Velveeta.
c) have meat that can be dispensed via a frosting tube.

Most people will claim that 2 tacos for 99 cents is 2 tacos too much.  For me, It's just shy of a perfect amount, so when I saw the 3 taco combo at JITB, my stomach demanded action.  This is truly a great deal.  For $2.99(higher in some markets), you get the following:

--3 regular tacos
--small french fry
--small drink
--1142 calories (including 48 grams of fat, 155 grams of carbs, and 9 grams of healthy fiber)
--1 large stain from taco sauce on your shirt
--1 invitation to take a 14 minute survey in which your chances to win $1000 barely exceeds 1 in 1 billion
--Potential explosive diarheaa

Let's be honest with ourselves...we are going to eat 50 fat grams anyway for lunch.  We might as well do it for $2.99, and save the extra cash for a king size snickers and diet coke as an afternoon snack.

I give a hearty approval for this meal, and you should go take advantage as soon as possible as it is a limited time offer.
I would give this deal a 5 star rating, but "Jack" is too creepy of a company mascot to be pot-committed with JITB.  He ranks slightly lower than the (retired?) Burger King "King" in creepiness.
In addition, JITB uses the term "menage a tacos" when referring to this deal.  Let's just say that the double entendre is in full force here, and I have't used the term meaty taco with that connotation since high school.


Anonymous said...

First Taco I ever ate was JITB. I have a sense-memory of them that just won't quit. Every time I get out west I have to go there. Last time I was there my order took awhile and they gave me free cheesecake. It was like 10:30 pm. WIN!

Matt said...

Tacos and cheesecake at 10:30 pm rarely amount to a win...but sounds delicious anyway.

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