Take it or Leave it--McDonalds buy 1 get 1 free coupon for Frappe's and Fruit Smoothies

After decades of punishing my body with the all-American meal at McDonalds, I believe it's finally time for them to give me something back. (besides 15 spare pounds in my mid-section)
For a limited time, you can print off a coupon at McDonalds.com to receive a Buy-1-Get-1-free coupon for any McDonalds Frappe or fruit Smoothie.  My "man on the street" is also telling me that you can get one of the delicious strawberry lemonades with the coupon.  All of these drink offering are rather tasty, so you should take advantage.

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE COUPON.  The coupon link is next to the frosty looking drink.  I receive nothing from McDonalds except the gratification that I'm causing others to join in my belly robust-ness.

The best part about this deal, is that you don't even need to bring anyone else along.  Just get the double quarter pounder with chee meal, and be sure to super-size it.  Then after you have finished ingesting roughly 50 oz (with the refill) of Dr. Pepper, use your empty cup and dump both mango pineapple smoothies directly into it.  Sip that bad boy on your way back to work for the afternoon, and then let your body work overtime to digest the unbelievable amounts of wonderful fat and sugar that you just ingested.  Take a nap or two!! (But don't go swimming for at least 30 minutes)

Note--this is a limited time offer, and may not work in all McDonalds "restaurants."  Definite take it on this deal.


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