Take it or Leave it--Dial for Men Body Wash

Welcome to our new segment called "Take it or Leave it."  We'll pepper these "shorter" reviews in with our regular reviews, although we don't give star ratings here--just "Take it" or "Leave It."

There are literally dozens of manufacturers of men's body wash nowadays.  Axe, Old Spice, Ben-Gay, Reebok, Lego, Hostess, and many more have come up with a scent to mask the stinky hairy man-smell that we exude.  Axe and their annoying (yet satisfyingly risque) TV ads were one of the first to come out with a liquid body wash for men.  The scents they create are not quite as interesting as their names--Gravity, Steel Fire, Burning Children, etc.  But the product did its job.  Get rid of my crotch rot, and make me smell good.  I could probably make a serious run for President on this platform alone.

Axe body wash is kind of the like the Honda Civic that has been totally tricked out.  Custom trim, racing seats, ground-effect lighting, and a $1400 muffler.  You'll see and hear this thing coming a mile away.  Unfortunately, life is quickly passing me by, and I no longer fit the demographic of Axe.  Instead of a hopped up Civic, I'm more of a Dodge Stratus kind of a guy.  Dial for Men body wash is that Dodge Stratus.

I bought Dial for Men body wash thinking it would be just as efficient and scenty as it's pricier rivals.  I was incorrect in this assumption.  I purchased the "magnetic" scent, and admit it does smell rather manly, but I am truly dissappointed in the staying power of the scent.  It really doesn't last much more than a couple hours. (although I am a sweaty man pig and fall outside the normal distribution for stink)  In addition, the body wash doesn't lather very well, and you end up with a bunch of red goo on the shower floor as it seeps through your fingers. (shower--check, goo--check, seep through fingers--check, let this joke pass right on by--check)

If your life consists of driving a mini-van at 11pm to the grocery store to buy diapers on a regular basis, this body was is for you.  It's reliable, efficient, and will fit your 5'8" 230 lb frame perfect behind the wheel of your Honda Odyssey.  If you want something with a little more flash and flair--I suggest you look elsewhere.


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