Pringles Original Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Crisps Review

I found myself at Walmart the other day. It was way past my dinner time and was still about an hour or so till I was going to be able to eat so I started looking for something I could graze on while driving around doing my other errands. That’s when I found this entire display full of “Original Hot Sauce” flavored Pringles. My hands moved completely out of instinct and grabbed them and placed them in my cart. The only thought I gave at all was whether 1 can would be enough or should I get 2. Seeing that this was a “Super Stack” sized can, I decided 1 was sufficient. This later proved to be a near-tragic mistake.

I like spicy foods, and spicy snacks, but it’s only recently that I’ve started sprinkling Tabasco sauce on eggs and potatoes and such. I’ve found there is a limit to how much I can handle. After a certain threshold even the Nexium pills I take every day can not prevent the acid reflux. But I love the flavor and was hoping these hot sauce Pringles would satisfy that craving.

Pulling out of the parking lot of Walmart, I popped open the can. The aroma was very appetizing. Not over-powering or nasty in any way, but you could tell from the start these were not your mamas Pringles.

I grabbed two of the chips (or “crisps”) as they call them and placed them entirely in my mouth, taking one piggish bite. This was not a special test or any scientific mechanism I use to taste-test a new product. This is how I eat snack foods, with emphasis on the word “piggish”. There must be a certain percentage of snack food residue spread all over my T-shirt, and face (ear-to-ear) when I’m done with the snack before I can honestly judge whether I enjoyed it or not.

The taste was fantastic. Then I waited a moment or two for any possible after-taste and was pleasantly surprised by the unassuming “kick” that came after about 20 seconds. Wow, these are good. Faster than you could say Suuuuueeee Weeeeeeeee, the gluttony began. I had managed to consume half of the can over the next 20 minutes. That’s equivalent to 3 full servings and consisted of 420 Calories (240 Fat Calories) and 27 grams of fat. I honestly think I would have finished off the entire can but forced myself to place it in the trunk of my car so as to save some for later consumption. I finished off the rest of the can the next morning for breakfast, all before 7AM.

I love these Pringles. They had one side effect which was a small bout of diarrhea and although I should withhold a star for that, I just can’t. I mean it wasn’t like E-Coli poisoning diarrhea where you end up with a quart of blood in the toilet. It wasn't even the kind that gives you the trots and makes you madly dash to the toilet. No, just the next couple of times I had to go, it was a little loose, nothing more. Far worth the fantastic taste experience that is Pringles Original Hot Sauce Flavored Potato Crisps.

These are definitely a certified ReviewSpew All-Star, but hurry, the can says they’re only available for a limited time. There’s also some evidence that they don’t exist at all, as I can’t seem to find mention of them on-line anywhere, even at Pringles.com. I had to take a picture of them with my cell phone for this review. Weird I know, but trust me, they do exist and they are awesome! Happy eating!


Anonymous said...

I just picked up a can of these today & they are wonderful! Flavorful with just enough spicy kick.

Anonymous said...

I love them!!! they are great but now I can't find them @ all... they are (limited time only) I would like to see them on the self in every store!!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love these chips, I found them at Walmart and they no longer carry them. Limited time was just tooo Limited!! I need them in my life .. sad face

JustJim said...

I know. I know. It's Jericho all over again. The saddest of sad faces.

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