Thor Movie Review

I never thought a Thor movie would be made. I for one wasn't asking for it, I can't say the general public was either. I was satisfied with his role in Adventures in Babysitting. I was satisfied with several things in that movie, especially Elizabeth Shue.(growl) Well the money factory that is Marvel has decided they want us to have a Thor movie and prepare us for all the nerdtastic glory that is the Avengers.

Thor, played by relative newcomer Chris Hemsworth, is an arrogant prince in the cosmic land of Asgard. He is cast out by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and sent to Earth till he is worthy enough to reclaim his powers. All the while his brother Loki plots his takeover of Asgard.

This will be a star-making vehicle for Hemsworth. Though I can't say this is one of the better comic movies. It feels more like a fantasy movie than belonging in the realm of superheroes. And that's all right, but I feel like it's going to be difficult to tie him in with the Avengers. Tom Hiddleston, the actor playing Loki, is a decent actor and fits the villanious Loki perfectly. We should be seeing him as the villain in the Avengers as well. I've always faulted Marvel movies for having crappy villains, this movie changes that.

To put it simply, this is a good movie. It's decent summer action fare that doesn't make you more stupid for watching it. Though it just never grabbed me like other comic movies(Spiderman 2, Incredible Hulk). The scenes on Asgard are pretty captivating but as soon as Thor is on Earth, the movie basically stands still. His human "love" interest is Natalie Portman. I respect her acting and hot looks, but her character and entire research team were pretty unnecessary. They try to rush a connection between she and Thor and it just doesn't have enough time to develop.

There is truly nothing wrong with this movie. When I try to name its flaws, the comic relief done by Kat Dennings (yuck) comes off pretty flat. The battle between Thor and the Destroyer lasts about 12 seconds. The real gripe I had with this movie is that I felt disconnected. I just couldn't get into it. As I've said, they've done a lot of good things and made an entertaining movie, but it almost feels half-a$$ed.

Also do me a favor and do not see this movie in 3D. I am biased and hate 3D, but it only makes this movie darker and can possibly induce narcolepsy. Do yourself a favor and avoid movies that do post-conversion 3D completely.


claytongmackay said...

I am glad you are able to respect Natalie Portman's looks.

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