Duran Duran All you need is Now album Review

In future years, if my son ever asks what were the defining items/moments from the 80's, I will share with him the following 3 things.

I'll first watch the Goonies with him.  I would try my best not to quote roughly 80% of the show.

We'd next cue up the "you're the best...around" montage from the All Valley karate tournament in the karate kid.

Lastly, I'd hand him my Duran Duran Decade cassette tape.

As a youth in 1985, most of my friends were getting cozy with Twisted Sister, WASP, and Quiet Riot, while I chose to "rock out" to the tunes of Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Duran Duran.  I always tended towards the "new wave" branch of music.  In fact, the wave literally translated to my hairstyle. (sweet wave moving from the right rear part to the opposite side of my forehead)

I felt secure in my choice of music even when my friends played "air guitar" during their songs--while I dropped some sweet "air keyboard" during mine. (On a side note, you'd think that Duran Duran, Erasure, and Moby would go on tour together.  They would totally save money as they could all share the same Casio CZ-101 and keytar)

All through the 80's, Duran Duran was as bankable as Chevy Chase.  They cranked out hit after hit.  The band took a completely different direction once this golden decade ended--performing as Jesus Jones for a couple years in the early 90's. (This is totally unproven...but I swear they are the same band.  Have they ever been seen together?  Who wouldn't believe that the same band responsible for "So whyyyy don't you use it---Tryyyy not to bruise it--Buyyyy time don't lose it" could also be responsible for "Real, Real, Real...do you feel real, and if so I'd like to know.")

After the disappointing Jesus Jones years, Duran Duran put out what's most commonly called "The Wedding album."  If you haven't heard it, just listen to any Goo Goo Dolls album.  Basically the same thing.

Duran Duran fell into obscurity after this album.  In a way, this is good.  Don't mess up the legacy.  I'd rather remember INXS with Michael Hutchence...rather than wasting away on a reality TV show.
It also helps if the music style adapts somewhat with the years. (unless you're Bret Michaels and enjoy playing at Wyoming state fairs)

I was very surprised to see the new album from Duran Duran. (All you need is now)  I downloaded the title track, and my excitement doubled.  The song was really good, and had that throwback 80's sound.  Unfortunately, the excitement came to a crashing halt when I listened to the remainder of the album.

All You Need is Now actually sounds a lot like the 80's Duran Duran  But...this doesn't mean any of the songs are any good.  It's like bizarro Duran Duran tried to copy their sound with poor results.  Here is my review of each song on the album:

#1 All You Need is Now--Great song.  Good vocals with a good tune.  4 stars.
#2-The rest of the songs--terrible.  Honestly not a single song worth mentioning.  Steamy pile of synthesized turd.

This is the most forgettable album since The Wallflowers released "Bringing down the Horse." (A decent song in "One headlight"--and a bunch of other crappy songs)

Simon Le Bon can still rip off a tune like the olden days...but the songs here are just boring or weird.  I'm sorry to say that I didn't like this album at all.  Due to the decent title track, this album barely glazes above a 0-star review.  If the Thompson Twins get back together, pray that they'll stick with their old hits--rather than following the lead of Duran Duran.

Let's have a palate cleanser that offers nonstop bad-assery.


Derek said...

Actually, I've read several notable reviews that "AYNIN" is their best album since RIO. Just bought the CD a month ago, and I tend to agree.

Back to their roots indeed.

Matt said...

@Derek--I've also seen many positive reviews...but most of them are from life-long/die-hard fans of the band that were eagerly awaiting a return. Methinks they are jaded. I've given it 5 "listen-throughs" and can't get over some of the songs. (Simon rapping? A news story of a man owning a wild animal?? Really?)

CD's?? We obviously are both showing are age with CD purchases.

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