"A Blast" Energy Drink

I don’t believe in spiritual healers, chiropractors, or witch doctors. I don’t need a Cup-o-Joe to get me going in the morning, nor do I ever use a “pick-me-up” in the form of sugar, caffeine, or Noni Juice. I don’t get it, I don’t buy it, I don’tneed it. Ok, on occasion, I’ll double fist a bacon-double-chee for some extra energy, but other than that, I’m all natural.

That being said, I’m probably the perfect person to offer an unvarnished review of “A Blast” energy drink. To test it, I decided to save it for a day where I would really need it. I got it in 3 forms, all berry flavored. The 16 0z monster chug, the 8 oz grab and slam, and the 2 oz shot-o-life. Those are my names for them, by the way, not theirs. I slammed the 16 about a half hour before my 2nd workout on a day where I had virtually no sleep after watching a marathon session of “The ultimate fighter” the night before. I was dead and was heading to a kickboxing class at lunchtime. Unfortunately, if you are dragging in kickboxing class, you are likely going to leave with a smashed face and some bruised ribs, so I needed some help. I was completely skeptical, but I have to say that I got through my workout much better than I anticipated. Having my guts full of fluid did make me feel a little sloshy on the lower half, so I decided to start chugging a little earlier next time, maybe an hour before my workout. The other biggie for me is the fact that I didn’t get nauseous. I’m a fancy lad and have the weakest stomach on earth. I cannot eat anything really before a workout; unless I plan to hit the trash can every 15 min. This usually means a small portion of instant oatmeal and nothing else 30 min to an hour before I hit it hard. (I also get sick if I don’t eat anything, so no, I didn’t overlook the obvious) I was happy to see that this stuff didn’t upset my delicate sensibilities in the slightest.

The 8 oz version was used in exactly the same manner as the first and yielded similar results. I also didn’t experience the “zonk” that some people describe after getting their burst of energy from drinks of a similar ilk. I performed well in class and felt great after as well. As far as taste goes, it resembled crushed aspirin in fruit juice to me, so tolerable, but nothing I would order with an umbrella.

Finally, I downed the shot version and I have to say it tastes a little like ass. Maybe not hot sweaty ass, but there is a hint of hiney in that little bottle somewhere. I downed it anyway (like a real man should) and I did feel pretty perky during class. I may have been “buzzing” a little afterward as I was seriously sleep deprived, but other than getting through my workout better than expected, I didn’t really notice any other side effects.

I don’t think I would drink this stuff on a regular basis, but on those occasions where I am running on less than 5 hours sleep and trying to pull a double workout session or double shift at work, I really would consider a can. The calorie count isn’t too bad, and it doesn’t seem to be just the normal combo of massive caffeine and sugar, although there is some of both inside. Though they claim ½ that of other similar drinks. The vitamins or whatever other strange roots from the Serengeti that make up this concoction do as advertised. I’ll give this stuff 4 stars for surprising me energy wise, but I do have to subtract one for the rank nature of the shot version. 3 energized stars it is.

One final note: This product is virtually impossible to find on the web. I have no idea why there isn’t a website and some web presence but this is the worst case of web-under-exposure I’ve ever seen. Even if you do want to try it, good luck finding a place to buy it.


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