Scream 4 Movie Review

I was 15 when the first Scream was released. I didn't see it in theaters but saw it on video. It was a great mix of satire and actual horror that mimicked and commented on all horror films released previously. The only reason I got the jokes is because my Grandma accidentally recorded the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween movies for me when I was 9. Great childhood, I know.

Now, 11 years after the third Scream, they have continued the story of victim/survivor Sidney Prescott, who just happens to be a death magnet. Everyone around her seems to be gutted by the Ghostface killer. I'm just saying that if I knew her, I would de-friend her on facebook. This movie has Sidney visiting her hometown and the scene of the original crimes. Deputy Dewey and Gail Weathers are now married and living the basic hum-drum life in Woodsboro. Though inevitably as Sidney returns the killings begin again.

Each Scream movie has always begun with a fantastic opening sequence and this one does not disappoint. Scream 4 is in on the excessive-sequel joke and also references the fact that there has been 7 Saw films in the past few years. Don't be late to the theater or you'll miss one of the best scenes of the movie.

Besides the original cast, the film focuses on a new cast of high school characters, the lead being Sidney's niece played by Emma Roberts. They give the audience the new perspective on how horror films have changed in the past ten years and give some good comic relief. I actually wish the film focused on the kids more and the new rules of horror.

I wouldn't say that slasher films are very viable in this age of iphones and social media, but fortunately this movie is able to tie in how media has changed and isn't hampered by the fact that the home phone line can't be cut anymore. I would say it's almost easier in this age for someone to be the ghostface killer. Oh, you want to be able to change your voice and ask "What's your favorite scary movie?" Then just download the ghostface app.

There are the typical dumb victim flaws and horror movie mistakes made, and the people you don't care about are the ones who are offed so it doesn't make this movie as dramatic or suspenseful. Though it does a great job of ripping on reboots and becoming a reboot itself. This is a fun movie that is worth watching with a lady friend. A good ride but also pretty forgettable.


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