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Two of my favorite movies are "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz." Those movies combine the great direction of Edgar Wright with the perfect chemistry and comic timing of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. These men really know how to capture the essence that man-children around the world envy.

"Paul" pairs Pegg and Frost together again, but without the help of director Wright. It is a buddy comedy where these two British fanboys travel the alien landmarks of America, until they pick up a crass alien fugitive, voiced by Seth Rogen. They are pursued by shady government agents, hillbillies, and a religious fundamentalist.

I wanted to love this movie. I'm pretty critical of comedies but I really wanted this to be one of the good ones. I'm a sci fi geek and a movie with a great cast that pays homage to all things nerd should be great, right? Sadly it just wasn't that funny. Though the rest of the audience would disagree with me. I did catch myself laughing at the sci fi references, but unfortunately there weren't enough. Instead we got quite a few gay jokes, d!@k references, and shock value swears. Not my cup of tea.

Which brings me to my next point. The movie "Superbad" had all those things and apparently it was my cup of tea. But this movie, by the same director, just didn't have the same effect.

I really hope this movie isn't what people associate Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with. If you haven't seen "Shaun" or "Fuzz" go see them now. Yes you may not love them as much as me. But you're guaranteed to laugh 27 times more than you would if you watched Paul.

Paul is not a terrible movie by any means. I smiled quite a bit while watching, but secretly wish I was able to do some gut laughs. I just feel that when Pegg and Frost are together the audience deserves more. It's time they rejoined forces with Edgar Wright. I give this movie 2 & 1/2 stars, but for lack of a graphic it gets 3.

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Just Some Guy said...

Seems a little generous, but I agree with your review for the most part. Its just too bad. I don't even want to buy into the argument that Edgar Wright has all the talent in this group. Simon and Nick have been good without him. Even the best have a misstep now and again. Simon & Nick, team with Edgar and conclude the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy!

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