Chess Free Android App by AI Limited Review

I'd like to think that I'm moving up the Android game app evolutionary chain.  I'm not saying that it was a bad thing that the first app I ever downloaded was Angry Birds.  It's an enjoyable game, if not mindless.
I've since tried to spend my time (on the john) playing games more productive.  By productive, I'm not trying to insinuate that I am changing the world or shorting stocks like NVDA.  I have tried to take the approach to learn a game that might stimulate the mind. (I'm not saying that Talking Tomcat isn't stimulating and hilarious...especially if you are 8 years old)

I slowly worked into new games like Skip-Bo, Parcheesi, Euchre, and Cribbage.  These were all new to me, and I found them enjoyable for a while.  Unfortunately, they became monotonous and repetitive.  I needed something better. (I am the Skip-Bo master.  If it were an Olympic sport, I'd be Michael Phelps--only shorter, fatter, but better teeth)
I tried to find a good Spades app.  Unfortunately, the AI of the computer players is generally terrible.

That's when I downloaded and installed Chess Free by AI Limited.

This is a free app, but you can pay for a version that removes the ads.

This app can be customized fairly well.  You can have 2 players or just yourself against the computer.  You can play as black or white, and it even keeps statistics of the games you've played.  You can review games for fun with friends on a Friday night as well.

You can also set the computer AI to any one of 10 levels of "smarts."  When I first started playing, I figured I'd warm up on level 1 before hitting a 7 or 8.
In a very un-Kasparov fashion--I'm still on level 1.

There are many reasons for this besides the fact that I'm not particularly bright. (or skinny...but I digress)
--First of all, I need to finish the game in less than 5-10 minutes, or the line outside the john starts getting long.  This is a problem as I never think of the next move I'm going to make. (Much like Charlie Sheen)
--I don't like foreplay.  By this, I mean the amount of "setup" that you need before the killin' begins.  Some people will play forever without even sacrificing a pawn.  This is not my style.  I take the John J. Rambo approach to the game.
--Multiple undo's.  This app lets you undo a move until the beginning of the game.  VIM is the only software that approaches this type of undo satisfaction.  Couple this with my Rambo-like nature, and I'll throw down 15 moves in a minute--and find myself in check-mate.  I'll quickly rationalize that given the proper amount of time to examine all the moves and consequences...I would have never taken this approach to begin with....And thus I'll undo...and undo...and undo..until I feel safe again.  On a poignant note, I have never contemplated an undo when I win.  As a direct result of this, my win percentage is somewhere near 80%.  I can't honestly claim this with a clear conscience.

The app is fast, never crashes, and runs smoothly.  You have plenty of configurable options at your disposal.

On level 1, the AI is actually pretty good.  I haven't tried on any level above this, as the level of "undoing" would reach epic proportions.  While I may not be at the top of the app gaming evolutionary chain yet, I'm slowly working my way there...one undo at a time.

The Chess Free app from AI Limited receives a solid 5-star rating.  It is truly one of the best free game apps on the Android market today.


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