Warmingsystems.com Electric In-floor Heating System Review

As the years go by, it appears that my prostate has enlarged to the size of a small poodle.  This is evidenced by the fact that I cannot make it through a single night without getting up to pee at least once.  Unfortunately, this is the not the most annoying thing associated with my "night pees."
My master bathroom is in the corner of the house with 2 large windows and one small vent for heat.  In the dead of winter the temperature drops to a seemingly single digits in this room.  In addition, the floor was covered with large ugly marble tile which had the unique ability to collect any cold in the room and magnify it.  Walking on these tile is akin to walking on ice.  If you stuck your tongue to the tiles, it would stick. (I triple-dog-dare you)  We owned the "FroZone" of floor tile.

This led to a very uncomfortable 60 seconds as I relieved myself around 3 AM each night.  I would head back to bed wide awake with frozen feet.  I tried rubbing them together, but not much heat is generated by rubbing 2 ice blocks together. (There actually is probably some...but I got a D in Thermodynamics in college, so I'll swear ignorance)

I have been able to rectify this situation by using 2 methods.  First, I either set a pair of slippers next to the bathroom door.  This helps considerably.  Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to set them there, or just walk half-asleep into the bathroom without putting them on.  I do a sort of "hot coals walk" over to the toilet, and immediately sit down with my feet resting up on the tub edge rather than the floor.  Yes...my cold floors have forced me to sit down to pee. (I swear my wife has nothing to do with it)

On a wild hair, we decided to completely renovate our master bathroom over the holiday break.  It was then I started looking into floor heating systems.

First thing--they can be expensive.  It is surprising since it is basically wire, but if you want a "kit" that is ready to install, be prepared to fork out some bucks.
Second--The thermostats you want can be expensive.  I wanted a kit with a programmable thermostat in order to have the floor warm at opportune times. (dropping a deuce while playing angry birds, dancing naked in the bathroom, etc)  I didn't want to manually turn the heat on/off with a cheaper thermostat.
Third--You must have some DIY skills. (or pay for someone to install it)

After looking in local stores and on the internet, I found warmingsystems.com.  They are by far one of the cheapest (reputable) company on the web.  I purchased an entire kit for my bathroom for under 180 bucks shipped.

Despite a shipping error with my order (they "swear" this never happens), my kit came as advertised.

I ordered a cable kit, which means that I used aluminum tape to place the wire down wherever I desired.  They also sell a "mat" kit which has the wiring on a pre-made mat for easy roll-out.  This would work best in a square area.  The kit also came with the wiring to connect your home power supply, and also a programmable thermostat.

You must put this on a GFCI circuit, but the wiring is straight-forward with a little bit of electrical skill.  The wiring on the floor just goes directly on your backer/concrete board, and the thin-set mortar is spread directly over the wiring.  The tile is placed on the thin-set, and the whole process is pretty easy.  Be careful not to cut the wire with your trowel. (slows down tile installation a bit)

I hooked up the thermostat, and waited a couple hours for the floors to warm up.  This thing is HEAVENLY!!!  It is the single greatest renovation project I have ever completed.  WELL worth the 180 bucks.

I now look forward to an ever-growing prostate in order to walk on my hot floors at night to pee.  In fact, it's so warm that on a cold wintry day I've considered just "laying out" on my floors.  Be warned that I "lay out" in the nude.

I give warmingsystems.com floor warming kit 4 smoking stars.  It would easily be a 5 star rating, but the late delivery was enough to disrupt our bathroom project by a week.
Warmingsystems.com did not pay for nor ask for this review, although we would be happy to accept a gratuitous donation from them to pay for our outlandish writers salaries.


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