Mileage App for Android Review

My current job requires me to analyze copious amounts of data, compare it with other data, and generate new data.  It's like an orgy of numbers without the happy ending.

I've had the tendency to keep track of mundane things throughout my entire life.  I used to record songs off the radio onto tape, and then make notebooks with the song, artist, length of song, and my rating of the song.  Howard Jones and Duran Duran always scored highly.

I've tracked things that nobody would or should care about.  In my youth, I received one of those "over the door" mini basketball hoops for my bedroom.  While listening to my superbly organized music, I would play my own quasi-games against myself in my room.  I would routinely dunk it over Magic, steal it from Bird, and get fouled by Barkley.  If this wasn't bad enough, I used to track my stats.

I can repeat this for those that don't understand the complete absurdity of the situation.

I played fake basketball games with a nerf ball in my bedroom against pretend players.  I routinely tracked points, assists, rebounds, and fouls per game.  Yes...there was a complete season.  This is one of the by-products of not hitting puberty until 9th grade. (the end...of 9th grade)

I had a friend who stooped lower than this.  In his teen years, he used to keep a "shitter chart" on the bathroom door.  He'd track the time it took him to complete his business.  I believe his record was somewhere in the 38 second range.  I assumed wiping was not high on his list.

While wading through the cesspool that is the Android app marketplace, I ran across a little gem of an App called Mileage. (By Evan Charlton)  As I refuse to pay for any app, this was the highest rated gas mileage app on the marketplace.

I wasn't interested in something that tells me when to flush my radiator, change my oil, or brush my teeth.  I just wanted to enter info about my gasoline fill-ups, and look at the magic graphs that are generated.
This app tracks every basic item you'd really want.  Mileage, price per gallon, fuel economy, distance between fill-ups, etc.  It might be nice to have an automatic location detector which tracks the gas station where you filled up, but not necessary.

This review has really sparked some ideas to make a little cash on the side.  I have apps planned which will track the following: 
Number of times Joel Mchale takes off his shirt in Community.
The level of queasiness when I see any picture of Amy Winehouse. (on a scale of one to "is that a man?")
An app that would calculate other things I could purchase instead of one U2 concert ticket. (feed 23 children for a week, yearly subscription to Netflix, 11 copies of U2's last crappy album, etc)
Another app would calculate how many attempts it took to me to beat level 12 in the 3rd page of the Angry Birds.  (Grrr)

If you have any interest in knowing your fuel economy for the past 3 years while sitting on the John with your phone, by all means download this app immediately.  While you're at it, you can download my new app that tracks the time playing Angry Birds on your phone while sitting on the John.
Mileage charts its way to a 4-star rating.


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