Mountain Dew White Out review

What goes through the minds of soft-drink producers? Do they sit in their board meetings and say, "Well more people drink more (insert beverage here) than ever before. Our sales are through the proverbial roof. But what if public just decides they are sick of our drink all of a sudden? How can we get a bigger share of the soda market?" Then the new guy pipes up and says, "What about a new color?" To which the CEO responds, "I love it! Give that man a promotion!"

Obviously the above scenario is fictional...or is it? Coke is a good example of this. For hundreds of years people have loved Coca-Cola. It has been the #1 soft-drink forever. Then in the 80's some genius decides that wasn't good enough and brings out "New Coke." The general populous hates change, but loves original Coke classic and new Coke was quickly shot down. Early in the 2000's Coke and Pepsi were in a space race to change the face of Cola forever. No one knows who threw the first punch in the battle to infuse their drink with Lime or Lemon or Vanilla or Rhubarb. But we all know that it didn't make a splash in the pond. People still drink their Coke Classic or their Pepsi(which is actually just a failed Coke experiment from the 70's).

Mountain Dew has gone through a few changes of their own. Mountain Dew has long been the drink for the slacker generation. (see also: Warcraft, Second Life, fat kids with cheeto stains on their sweat pants) As a slacker I find the drink to be delicious. There is hardly a better thing than drinking a Super Big Gulp Mountain Dew on a hot summer day. It really is the perfect drink for those looking for a nice citrus taste but don't want the nutrients associated with juice.

In 2001 Mountain Dew decided to get a little crazy. They thought it was the perfect time to bring the next generation of Dew. Enter Code Red. I'm not going to lie, I was stoked about a new Dew. There was even 2 months where I solely drank Code Red. Not bad for a first effort. But in the years since, Mountain Dew (now called Mtn Dew)got on a crazy rainbow and introduced at least 74 different "flavors" of Dew. I think we can all agree that the Taco Bell exclusive "Baja Blast" is by far the worst. I've heard it compared to the Taco Bell toilet water. Since Code Red, there have been several variations on orange, purple, blue, red, black, green, yellow, etc. With names ranging from Voltage to Highwire. There were even Warcraft flavors catering to Dew's biggest (physically and monetarily) market.

White Out is the newest member of the Dew family. It won the "Dewmocracy" contest against 3 other mediocre Dew drinks. The easiest way to describe this drink is saying that it is a mix of original Dew with a healthy dose of "Squirt." It ends up being a slightly better tasting Fresca. Fortunately it does not have the acrid aftertaste of Fresca. The color of the drink resembles soapy dishwater (always refreshing). The problem is, why would I need a new Dew drink when I could just buy a Squirt? What's next for the geniuses at Mountain Dew? Are they going to mix Dew with Slim Jims and dirt and try to take the soda market away from "TAB?"

I've knocked it quite a bit. It isn't awful and is refreshing. Though I don't think I would ever choose to drink it over the original Mtn Dew. Many years ago, Mountain Dew had the famous ad campaign saying "Been there, Done that!" Maybe they should take their own advice and stop the new drink madness, they have been there and done that many times over.

Mountain Dew White Out still has the uncanny Dew effect of making me urinate 5 minutes after I drink it. It deserves a very middle of the road 3 stars. I'm being generous.


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