Metal Gear Solid 4 review

Join me for the year of our Lord 1998. I was still in high school and was one of the lankiest skeleton dorks you would have ever seen. I wasn’t incredibly popular with the ladies because I had more important things on my mind…the Playstation. By that time I had been an avid nerd for at least a year, no small thanks to Final Fantasy VII. For Christmas my mom assisted me in my abstinence by getting me a new game called Metal Gear Solid.

Metal gear Solid was one of the greatest games I had ever played. Your character, Solid Snake (don’t ask me), tried to infiltrate a military compound on an Island and defeat a nuke-launching robot called Metal Gear Rex. I could write a thesis (C- quality) on why that game was so cool. As an example, during one boss battle with a psychic who flings furniture at you and cannot be touched, you actually have to take the controller out of its port and plug it into the second player port, then he can’t read your mind. For the dorks out there who experienced that, I bet you still get the chills from that.

Basically this was a game that raised the bar.

Flash forward 12 years to the present. No longer a skinny skeleton but I digress. My wife recently “let” me get a PS3 and the first game I got was Metal Gear Solid 4.

It seems silly that I’m reviewing a game that came out over 2 years ago, but you’re gonna have to live with it.

Metal Gear Solid 4 takes place 10 years after the “first” game (there are 2 previous incarnations on the original Nintendo). Snake’s body has aged quickly and he is very old and near death but sent on one last mission to finally take down his nemesis/brother Liquid Ocelot. To tell you anything more about the story would just confuse you and makes the plot of “Lost” seem plausible.

I know that if you never played these games or don’t like games in general, you haven’t read this far. These games have always consisted of half-game/half-movie cut scenes. I warn you not to play if you only have 15 minutes to relax. Some of the cut scenes can go for 30 minutes. For fans, these movies are the coolest thing ever, though some of the scenes are very Japanese (i.e. WTF?).

One exceptional moment in this game (I’m going to geek out here, so bear with me) is when you actually get to control the Metal Gear Rex and have a missile battle with Metal Gear Ray (from Metal Gear Solid 2). I could not wipe the smile off of my face, I literally felt like I used a time machine and went back to the carefree days of being 17. This game closes off the series and gives Metal Gear fans everything they could want. It’s kind of like the 3rd season of Arrested Development, where every joke was an inside joke meant for the fans but not for anyone who picked it up at that point.

The gameplay was as smooth as it has ever been. The graphics cannot be beat. The story actually closed loose ends. I wish all games were this good. Though if they were, I would be a lot poorer and probably divorced.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots gets 5 silver stars and makes me happy that I still haven’t matured since the age of 17.
“Impressive Snake!”


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