L'Oréal Eye Defense Moisturizer Review

I recently turned 35 years old.  Yes, I am a 35 year old man who writes on a blog. (and no, I don't play WOW....much)  I have officially left the 18-34 age group that advertisers covet.  I carry around a slight belly.  I get more excited about refinancing to a 15 year loan than at sporting events.  I know what the abbreviations and numbers mean when I get any blood work done.  But the worst deal about getting old is the continual breakdown and deterioration of my body.
Wrinkles, hair, and unsightly blemishes appear daily on every inch of my body.  The grey hair is spreading like weeds, and I generally stay away from any type of scale.  I am fighting a losing battle against an unbeatable foe.

I wish I could look younger.  Oh sure, I could sport a chin strap and wear baggy pants that show some vertical smile, but you've seen those guys with their kids at the mall...and think, "what a dick." 
I'm slowly learning to accept that gravity works negatively with old people and skin. (the only exception are male naughty bits...gravity seems to have no effect here)

One area of my body that is constantly degrading is around my eyes.  I don't sleep well, so every morning I wake up looking like Lindsay Lohan after a rough prison stay.  My eyes are all puffy, and sometimes I can sport some sweet dark circles underneath as well.

What can a man do in this situation??  Wear his wife's makeup of course!!

Let me just put this out there--I have rarely put makeup on my face unless a Halloween costume was involved.  There may have been a couple unsightly zits on my nose that needed a little base to disguise, but other than that, I go au naturale.

Recently, I had an extremely rough night for sleep.  The next tired morning, I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom in my full naked glory waiting for the shower to warm up.  My wife walked in and quickly shielded her eyes while bile filled her throat.
It wasn't just because of the usual disgust at my body, but at the poor condition around my eyes.  She held back the dry heaves long enough to suggest I try a moisturizer around the eyes.  I laughed at the silly suggestion, and took a shower.
Little did she know that after I got out of the shower, I decided to try the moisturizer.  It didn't feel as creepy as I expected.  A little dab under the eyes, and I was off to work.
Much to my surprise, the bags under my eyes looked much better later that morning.  Was it the moisturizer?  Was it just a little time for my face to wake up?

The moisturizer is from Loreal. (It's really spelled L'Oréal, but I don't kowtow to Frenchies, and their uppity apostrophes)  It is called eye defense, and it is not cheap.  A small jar will run you 12-15 bucks, but will last quite some time. (unless your husband is sneaking it)

I continue to use this product whenever my eyes look really hammered. (2x a week or so)  It seems to work well with my puffy eyes, but don't help my raccoon marks much.

Is this the case of the emperor's new clothes?  Does Loreal and the mirror at my work just tell me I look great to make me feel better?  Do I enjoy using women's makeup products to get in touch with my feminine side?  Does this review touch upon male nudity a tad too much?
The answer to these questions is probably yes, and I'll continue to use the eye defense regardless. (perhaps I should send some to Lindsay in prison)
I give Loreal Eye Defense three fancy stars.


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