Degree Absolute Protection Deodorant/Antiperspirant Review

As a hairy, over-weight, sweat-monster who has used deodorant/antiperspirant for over 20 years, I consider myself a self renowned expert regarding armpit maintenance.  I have run through the gamut of products to quell the man-stench coming from my armpits. (On a completely separate and unrelated note--Laramie Wyoming is the armpit of the USA.  That is all)

Solids, gels, sprays, liquids, roll-ons and powders have all graced the surface of my shoulder cavities.
God sure has an interesting sense of humor.  "Let's create a couple areas of the body which are hairy, sweaty, and stink when not cleaned.  Oh..we already have a couple of those?  Let's add a couple more, and call them armpits."

I have used a white dry solid stick for many years now. 
I found the sprays too cold.
The gels worked well, but I had to buy them twice as often.
Roll-ons always seemed to catch a stray armpit hair. (not pleasant)
Soap alone does not do the trick.

This brings me to something I want to discuss.  I realize that much of the world uses no deodorant.  I can clearly see the reasoning of their decision.
Why would anyone want to spend 3 dollars to keep sweat and stink out of your armpits for the next 3 months?
Perhaps they are used to the smell in their culture.  Who couldn't get used to the smell of monkeys dropping baby skunks out of their rectums?  No biggy.

I am also glad that the white solid sticks leave no residue as they did in past years.  I remember as a teenager playing basketball.  It was always the highlight of my day to guard a hulking forward with clumps of what appeared to be whip cream stuck in his armpit hair.  (armpit hair...that's a separate review in itself.  Why?)

This natural evolution has taken me to my current product of choice--Degree Absolute Protection antiperspirant/deodorant.
Having tried most brands on the market, my desires are very simple with regards to underarm protection.

Keep my pits dry.
Keep my pits from getting smelly.
Strong enough of a scent, without being over-powering.

Degree Absolute Protection (AP) does a fantastic job of sweat reduction.  This new offering from Degree is said to respond to adrenaline in fighting sweat.  As I enjoy robbing banks and walking a tight-rope.....REALLY?  Adrenaline??  If a man (me) sweats walking to his car at lunch, is this because of adrenaline?  Who knows...Degree seems to help though.

Degree has fairly good scents as well.  I tried Axe one time and never received the promised mauling by women because of my scent.  Perhaps my looks attributed to this female denial...but I digress.

Degree AP does a good job of melding man-musk smell with their own scent.  Some scents are so over-powering, that when the stink arises, the 2 scents don't mix well.  Kind of like placing a pine scented tree in your car to cover up the previous nights puke smell.  I have the Cool Rush scent, and it is pleasant.

I once had a boss who wore the old school Speed Stick deodorant.  You remember the green semi-clear solid?  The scent was so over-powering that you could smell him from 15 feet away.  If he could have coupled this with some Brut cologne and rolled his jeans up, the 80's transition would have been complete.

Would I recommend Degree AP with adrenaline response to every guy?  Yes I would.

I would also couple this product with some advanced grooming steps to keep the the general public happy.
Trim the armpit locks.  Nobody wants to see your underarm curls waving in the wind while you wear a tank top.
Keep the scented lotions/oils/mixtures simple.  I realize that you slather on Old Spice body wash, use 2 oz of deodorant a day, and cover your body with Stetson cologne.  Let's pick one over-powering smell, and stick with it.
Wear an under-shirt if you're a wetty.  Nobody wants to see your wet pit marks on your shirt at work....nobody!!

4 pleasant smelling stars for Degree Absolute Protection with adrenaline response.


Kenny D said...

I am a loyal consumer of this product. There are even times when my wife asks what cologne I'm wearing and I have to sheepishly say it's just deodorant. (I haven't worn cologne since we dated)
Why is it that deodorant needs has the same name as gatorade? Cool Rush, Mountain Thunder, Blue intensity, etc? Are they made at the same factory?

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