The Family Handyman Magazine Review

I fancy myself "handy" in every aspect of the word.  There really is no bound to my handiness.

Need a pickle jar opened--done.
Duct tape a vacuum handle that is broken--done.
Unclog a toilet I just clogged--done.
My general lack of success with girls in my teen years caused me to be plenty handy as well.

This is why I picked up a subscription to the Family Handyman.  Who wouldn't want to cultivate their talents?

You'd actually think I was wealthy and well-read by my current magazine subscriptions:
Forbes, US World and News, The Sporting News, The Family Handyman
Really these are just magazines where I found a free subscription on a message board.  It's just the luck of the draw that I'm not currently getting Ebony, 17, and World of Warcraft monthly. (I actually might have paid for WOW monthly)

Confession time--I'm really not that handy.  I did build a shed as you can read in a previous review.  I also framed and did the electrical in my basement.  No fire yet.
I would like to think I'm handy, but I'm really just handsy. (ask my wife who has learned karate to block my advances)

But luckily, the Family Handyman magazine has been very beneficial.
The magazine is pretty thin, and there are a bunch of ads...so the content isn't enormous.  But what is included is very helpful, and covers the spectrum of all handy-man-ness.
There are often articles on building items like bookshelves, decks, or a tool-benches.  These are OK, but you can find most of this information on the web.  The wealth and wisdom in these pages lies in their "tips."  This magazine is loaded with expert tips and tricks when doing any sort of project around the house.
I found particular help with their painting, automotive, and crown molding tips.  They were helpful and the big pictures helped a neanderthal like me.

This is also decent reading on the John.  Heaven knows you don't want to get stuck with your wife's Better homes and Gardens.  This makes dookie-time much more interesting.

If you're a contractor, carpenter, electrician, etc...you probably won't find any invaluable information in these pages.  You're probably the ones writing the content.

At a bare minimum, you should get this magazine to balance out your "pervert factor".  As your mailman starts placing Playboy, Penthouse, and WOW monthly into your mailbox, he'll be surprised as he places the Family Handyman in as well.

The Family Handyman hammers its way to a solid 3-star rating.  Much of the information can be found on the web, but some articles and tips are only found in print.  This magazine is much better if you pay nothing as I did.  All you have to do is peruse the WOW message boards for tips on free subscriptions to magazines. (In all honesty, this is patently un-true.  I found the information on fatwallet.com.  I generally only peruse WOW message boards for tips on how to increase my Mage 3 levels in one day)


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