Wendy's Bacon and Bleu review

Where have all the reviewers gone. Long time passing…

And to think this site used to be a burgeoning haven for cynicism and capitalism. I would say that the warm weather has called us to the great outdoors but considering each of us (besides meatwad) is a good 20 pounds overweight, I know that’s not the case. We loathe the sunlight, we’re like teen fiction vampires except that we’re not “gorgeous” hunks who meet damaged high school girls. And the only reason my skin sparkles in the sun is because I have a flaky epidermis. (That sounds a lot worse than it’s meant to.)

Perhaps the reason we are so slack is because we are sick with eating all this fast food that we review. Not only do we eat this food for the taste, but also for the statistics. Fast food reviews bring us crazy hits from Google. And we’re nothing if not sell-outs.

My fast food of choice as of late has been Wendy’s new Bacon and Bleu Burger. `I’ve never been on the Wendy’s bandwagon. Some on this site would swear by the fries and frostie combo. No thanks. If I want fries of that consistency I’ll go buy a bag of pretzels. I actually used to be a big fan of their dollar menu. This is gonna sound like I’m talking about walking uphill both ways to school in the snow, but….back in my day…the dollar frosties were the size of their medium drinks! Then when they hooked people with their melted mock-alate ice cream, they shrunk the size. They have done this consistently every year. Have you bought a frostie lately? They are the size of a shot glass! After dipping three fries you have dried up the shake. So because they take advantage of the customer and will continue to shrink the frostie till it becomes thimble-size and finally one frostie atom, I tend to boycott Wendys.

But as most boycotts go, I break the rules and succumb to temptation. I had seen commercials for the Bacon and Bleu for a few weeks. It seemed to have mostly everything I could want on a burger. A delicious flame grilled patty. Simmering applewood smoked bacon. Tender chunks of Bleu Cheese to give an original kick to the tastebuds. I’d be crazy not to eat it!
As for reality though, the patty is still the trademark square. And I’m not going to lie, it has the width of a coaster. But it is still better than any Mcdonalds “beef." The bacon at Wendys has never been anything more than a runny pink bookmark. Apparently they improved how they cooked their bacon. (On a side note, bacon is delicious) It is still not great, but your mouth can actually acknowledge that bacon exists somewhere in the burger. Bleu cheese is a love it or hate it thing. I mean seriously, moldy cheese? on a moldy Wendys bun?! But surprisingly it does add to the burger.

I know I've hated on Wendys but I'm glad they are trying to improve on something other than a go wrap. I never think of Wendys if I crave a burger, only a chicken sandwich, but now they have my business. Well, at least until the bacon and bleu special lasts.

I give the Wendy's Bacon and Bleu burger three stars, though I still long for the day when the Carl's Jr. Kentucky Bourbon Burger triumphantly returns.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to fast food, there are two things I truly love. The Kentucky Bourbon Burger and anything from Del taco. Both of which I was turned to by Major Undeclared, thanks! And for those of you who find this not a true mark of friendship - when we live in a post apocalyptic world you will wish you had listened to Major and tried this stuff rather than just seeing the wrappers on the dusty roads you will be wandering with the heroic actors who most assuredly will have survived.


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