McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap Review

Throughout the ages, man has tried to mix different things together to come up with something better.  I call it fusion.  Human resource managers call it synergy.

Thinking back, I can recall many successes.
Orange + Peach + Mango Dole juice = Delicious.
Neil Diamond + Christmas Music = Heartwarming.
Wendy's Fries + Dip in Frosty = Astounding.
Tinkers + Evers + Chance = Historic.
Peanut Butter + Celery = The only way humanly possible to eat celery.

Unfortunately, there has also been utter failures throughout history.  I list just a few.
Garth Brooks + Alternative music = Chris Gaines.
Michael Jordan + Baseball = Fail.
Spencer Pratt + Heidi Montag = Okay..they both suck, but when put together, the suckitude increases 100 fold.
Kenny Rogers + Plastic Surgery = Michael Myers from Halloween.
Work parties + alcohol = Lifelong regrets and terrible dancing.
Sweet pickles + tuna fish = My Grandma's horrible sandwiches.

Most of the products throughout time are not bad on their own.  But when mixed with something else, chaos can ensue.

This is the case of the McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap.

I like Big Mac's.  They take me back to my youth, when I would ride my bike with friends to McDonald's, get a Big Mac meal, and enjoy the secret saucey goodness. 
I'm just yanking your chain.  As a kid, my family was poor, and I never had any money. 
In fact, most of my Big Mac ingestion moments come in a time of depression when I need some comfort food.  I then look at myself in the mirror, and curse the day my chubby body was born.

Snack Wraps are good too.  Who doesn't like a good sandwich ported over to a wrap?  It's like you're eating healthier, but not really as they still pump the same amount of mayo on the wrap.

So McDonalds decides to take the Big Mac, and throw it into a wrap.  I'm just going to get this out of the way---it's terrible.
They take 1 patty from the sandwich, throw in some pickles and lettuce, and then top it with the Bic Mac secret sauce.  Did I mention that it is terrible?
It's not even what you'd expect it to taste like.  It's like a curveball of wrappy nastiness.

One positive--It's only $1.49.  So, you won't have to spend $4 on a baconator to get sick.  Just pick this bad boy up.

I truly was dissappointed.  It reminded me of my youth when I stopped by a taco-maker for a snack.  I was really craving an apple empanada.  It's like a crispy buritto, stuffed with semi-real reconstituted apples, fried, and then covered in cinnamon.
I paid my money, drove away, and pulled out the apple goodness.  The first bite drove me into something that can only be described as a Vietnam flashback.  In the place of the apples, there was bean burrito filling.  It was one of the cruelest jokes of my life.

McDonald's also plays a joke by mixing the Big Mac with the Wrap concept.  Stay away.

The Mac Snack Wrap gets a 1-star rating only because I still giggle every time I hear the word "secret sauce."


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