Getting Shut Down by the Federal Reserve review

Aside from being a professional unpaid blogger, I actually do have a day job. I work at a bank. Shamefully I use up a fair amount of my day job by blogging and reviewing. Efficiency at its core. I have worked at a community bank for the past several years and have all the diseases from touching money to prove it.

A few months back we got word that the bank I work for wasn't doing so hot. We lost half of our capital and had a ton of foreclosed homes to get rid of. The management at the bank kept assuring us that "everything will be just fine." I never gave the security of my job a second thought because I had recently graduated from college (finally) and was looking to escape my job and find a career. Many news reports went out about my bank possibly going under and customers would panic and ask if their money was OK. By ruling of my superiors we were told to tell customers that "everything will be just fine."

Blame was flying left and right. Some blamed the bad economy for the bank's situation. Others blamed the bank general manager. Democrats still blamed Bush. (let it go people) I was still looking for another job.

So two weeks ago on Friday I went to work like it was any other day. The day progressed and I argued with a lady who wanted Guam quarters(has anybody ever been to Guam? No.), cashed in some coin for a guy who carried it in a old church sock, and checked my facebook. Just a typical day at work. All of a sudden, ten minutes before closing time, two guys in suits walk straight into my branch manager's office. We feared the worst, but didn't quite expect it. We heard rumors that another bank was going to buy us out, or that an investor was going to bring millions in capital to the bank to save us.

At 6:00 that night we found out that the Fed was shutting us down. No one was willing to buy us and the Fed wasn't willing to let the bank be saved. Within an hour the bank was swarming with goons from the FDIC who informed us that we had a job for 30 more days and that would be it. The bank would only be open so we could close everyone's accounts.

We all understand how important our money is, but just imagine a senile old man who already believes the government is wiretapping his phones, coming into the bank in a panic thinking that he's not gonna get his money. This is what we deal with even when there isn't a crisis.

So for the last two weeks our branch has been swarming with FDIC lackies who are cataloging everything so we don't steal a space heater. Not to get ornery but it's funny that people from the FDIC are there to answer people's questions about anything but when they are asked they just refer them to a FDIC hotline. Typical government.

What makes me the most angry about this whole situation is that I never got to quit the bank and leave in a blaze of glory. For every long standing job I like to walk away and flip the bird the my former place of employment. Now, I'll never get that chance, it flipped me the bird. I'll share with you my analogy for my experience the past few months. It's like I was dating this girl for a very long time. But for the past few months I wanted to dump her because I didn't care for her anymore. I never got the chance but I always planned on it. Then one day...........she DIES! I go to the funeral and everyone apologizes to me and says how sad they are. But I feel like I don't have closure because I will forever be the widower, but secretly planned to break up with her. No closure, it sucks.

When a bank is closed down after 120 years it is definitely a downer. Losing my job in this economy is even worse. Now where am I going to blog?


Zac Pritcher said...

Man, that's a bummer, I'm really sorry to hear that. Hey, I just got promoted to cashier at my grocery store and we're looking for a new bagger! I'll put in a good word for you.

JustJim said...

Maybe you could get the cheap-ass who runs this site to start paying you :)

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