Beyonce's "Single Ladies" Video Review

I, like most of you, was disgusted with Kanye West when he stormed the stage during the VMA’s to tell Taylor Swift that Beyonce’s video should have won and was “the best video of all time“. Watching the speechless Taylor get cut off during her acceptance speech evoked powerful emotions of sympathy for this poor young girl…. who also happens to make more money in a week than I make in 10 years, even after 7 years of Engineering College. She also has experienced more fame and notoriety for her accomplishments than, statistically speaking, everyone else in the entire world. My point is, it was a little uncomfortable, and ridiculously rude on Kanye’s part, but we all went a little overboard on an event that gave her tons of press and public support. I bet if they would have scanned the crowd for her manager, he would have been grinning ear to ear throughout the entire ordeal. But I digress, the real crux of this is the fact that at the time of this great injustice, I asked my wife what video Kanye was even talking about, and after 2 seconds of searching on Youtube.com, I found it.

Now the tough part, Kanye kind of had a point. I haven’t quite put my finger on what the exact element of interest is, but “Single Ladies” by Beyonce may be the most intriguing music video I’ve ever seen. I have no previous “mad love” for Beyonce, but I can’t seem to quit watching this video. Basically, it is 3 attractive ladies dancing together in a grayscale video. But the dance moves are uncharacteristic of what I have seen before, and I watch both “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. Ummm…I mean, my wife watches them and I see bits and pieces between MMA fights and College Football. The moves are all jerky and bouncy and all kinds of lovely. That would be my technical description anyhow.

It isn’t just a sex thing either. Oh, Beyonce is beyond hot and her gyrations do make me tingle, but that is nothing I haven’t seen before. The unique quality of the background flashing from black to white, the attitude, and that infectious “Shoulda put a ring on it” line have penetrated my soul….and that little grin she does 2 sec before the video ends, yeah buddy! Now that I have adequately revealed the level of my freakiness, it is all the worse if you consider the fact that I am true mountain trash at my core and rarely listen to anything other than hair bands of the 80’s intermixed with Metallica. Until now, that is.

My infatuation with this video has almost gotten me into marital trouble. I am pretty sure if my wife catches me watching this video again, she will block my access to YouTube. I have officially gone to underground viewing. I can’t put my finger on it, but put this one right up there with the lobster scene from the movie “Flashdance” fellas, it‘s fandamntastic. A got your back on this one Kanye, rude bastard that you are, this video is one of the best of all time. The YouTube spoofs aren’t bad either.

Here is the link: "Single Ladies", enjoy….and if you don’t “feel me” on your first viewing, watch it again….you’ll see.


Unknown said...

I came here through a Google search for "Single Ladies" reviews, post-Grammys. Excellent review--you manage to pack a story into a few paragraphs. I had always cut off the video right before the last couple of seconds, so good find about the smile. I also got a kick out of your description of venturing out of your Metallica shell to try other music. Your review had me heading back to see "Single Ladies" on Youtube. If only more online reviews were like this one.

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