Top Ten Films of 2009

It's time again for my top ten list. I saw a ton of movies this year due to my podcast but sadly 75% of them were absolute tripe. Even though I support bad movies, don't think that I'm putting G.I. Joe, Transformers, or Wolverine on my list. I don't think my list is entirely revolutionary, except with the omission of "Up." I really disliked that movie. Talking dogs? Never seen that before... So let us begin.

10. Avatar
What an incredible looking movie. The world of Pandora is beautiful and watching this movie makes you want to run through the tree-tops of its lush environment. This is probably the most realistic pixar movie I have ever seen. Though the movie is basically Dances with Wolves, nothing new in terms of story. Also, it's blatantly political. I was able to brush it aside and enjoy the ride, but it got a little annoying. This will be a new standard for geeks around the world. I can see the naked blue na'vi posters now...on my wall.

9. I Love You, Man
Better than The Hangover? Yes actually. Many will disagree, but I would rather see a good bro-mance for the ages than see Zach Galifanakis' junk. Paul Rudd plays "awkward guy" perfectly. It is an R rated comedy but has much less gross-out moments than Hangover. Plus, it has nearly as many memorable lines as Wedding Crashers.

8. Star Trek
When the year started this was the movie I was most looking forward to. J.J. Abrams has done a great job reinventing Star Trek to actually make it exciting. I always saw Star Trek as the boring man's Star Wars. But now I'm pumped for its sequels. All the actors were fantastic in their roles. This would rank higher but the story was extremely weak.

7. Zombieland
Where did this movie come from? Zombie heaven. It is no Shaun of the Dead, but it still pretty fantastic. Woody Harrelson is in the defining Bad-A$$ role of his career. The best parts consist of showing the rules of surviving a zombie infestation. I'll never forget to double tap again.

6. Watchmen
The riskiest movie of the year. It had to convince advanced geeks that it was staying true to the graphic novel, while getting general audiences in the seats. It almost stayed too true to the source material for everyone to enjoy. But being a fan of the graphic novel, I was hooked. There were few characters in film this year cooler than Rorschach. Correct that. none.

5. The Brothers Bloom
An indie film starring Mark Ruffalo and Adrian Brody as brothers who live to pull off cons. This movie came out of nowhere. It is not your typical con movie. Every character is perfect in their role. Especially Rachel Weiss, who is freakin' adorable.

4. District 9
The best sci fi movie in years. This is one that nerds will remember for a long time. I fook'n enjoyed this movie. No other sci fi flick has made me feel that there was a racial conflict going on, till this one. When the aliens are called the derogatory term "prawns," I actually feel bad for them. That's effective film-making. I just hope they don't ruin it with a sequel.

3. Inglourious Basterds
I was not expecting to like this one. Tarantino movies are either love or hate, no middle ground. I love Kill Bill, but was not excited to see Brad Pitt try to act. I was happily surprised with this movie. In my mind, there is not a dull moment. If you are looking for real suspense, check this out. Hans Landa is such a fantastic villain and brings incredible tension to simple conversations.

2. (500) Days of Summer
If you have ever suffered through a break up and heartache that lasted more than a few months, you will relate to this movie. It sounds elitist to compare this movie to Annie Hall but I'm going there. It's not a drama, comedy, romance, musical. It's every single one. My favorite part was when half the screen showed expectations and the other half, reality. classic. This would be my favorite movie of the year if it weren't for...

1. Drag Me To Hell
The most fun I have ever had sitting down. I have realized that my favorite genre is Horror Comedies. I could not have asked for more from Sam Raimi(director of The Evil Dead and Spiderman trilogies). This movie has it all: Over the top laughs, scares, and a little animal sacrificing in between. Never again will a cross a gypsy. And if I do, I will definitely give her a loan. The ending of this movie and Inglorious Basterds are the best of the year. Not what the audience expects, but very satisfying. I will now watch this film before every Halloween. My only regret about this movie is that I did not see any Bruce Campbell.

That's it till next year. Have a Merry Christmas!


Brad said...

Well I haven't seen Avatar, The Brothers Bloom, or 500 Days of Summer yet, but other than that I'd largely agree with this list. And I completely agree with your rant about I Love You, Man. Too much Galifianakis at this point.

Anonymous said...

Drag me to hell!? I mean if everyone saw "Major Undeclared"'s face when he caught his first glimpse of Sigorney Weaver the smurf you would know that Avatar was his favorite by far. Much love Major!

-children of the night

Kenny D said...

consider your opinion highly valued at this point.

You didn't think I was looking at Sigourney's face did you? Oh baby....I think I just threw up.

Zac Pritcher said...

Excellent list, Jobin.

Sadly enough I've yet to see Drag Me To Hell, but I really must. I've heard nothing but positive things up to this point.

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