The LightKeeper Pro Review

Have you ever noticed the kids playing ball at the park, and off to the side there's this lone fat kid looking through the chain-link fence with sorrowful longing? Each day the kids show up and start playing ball and each day the fat kid asks if he can play and each day they tell him no. Then one day they decide to say yes, if for no other reason than to shut him up. But then the kid sucks so bad at ball that he kind of ruins the whole game. This continues until the cool kids decide that they would rather not play at all than to play with the fat kid. So the fat kid shows up to the park one day and finds it empty. I'm the fat kid here at Review-spew.com and another week has gone by and apparently the other, cooler kids have decided to just let me play with myself rather than write a review of their own. But the jokes on them. I'm the master of playing with myself.

Anyway, this weeks review is about the Lightkeeper Pro. I am a huge fan of Christmas lights and every year I put on a pretty good spread of lights both on the outside and the inside of my house. I, like all of you, have felt the frustration when a section of lights, or the whole string of lights, will not light up. When you consider that I put up about 10,000 lights each year, my frustration is probably 5 to 10 times as much as yours. It got so bad last year that I actually started throwing away whole sets of lights because I just couldn't get them to work.

As this Christmas season approached it occurred to me that there must be something out there that would help with this issue. So I scoured the internet and performed minutes of exhausting research until I found the LightKeeper Pro. I read the information about it, I watched the info-mercial on youtube, I read fifty or so reviews about it and realized that I absolutely, positively had to have it.

Nobody sells it. That was my first impression. I noticed that Walmart has some cheaply packaged fake one, but that wasn't going to do. I wanted the real thing. I then discovered at the official website for The LightKeeper Pro that Ace Hardware sales them. I called the three Ace Hardware stores in my area. The first one didn't even know what I was talking about. The second one knew what I was talking about but wouldn't have any until January 4th. What? Are you kidding me? The third had several. It was even reasonably priced at just $20.99.

I bought it, brought it home and with all the enthusiasm I could muster, started bringing out my Christmas decorations. It was almost disappointing when my first set of lights worked without a hitch. The second set, to my complete delight, did not...light. Wow, that was very Austin Powers of me, but I digress. I immediately pulled a bulb out of the section that was not lit, plugged it into the LightKeeper Pro and squeezed the trigger. Voila, they lit up. I unplugged it from the LightKeeper Pro, put the bulb back in and the set was fixed. Just as easy as that.

Not since the invention of the manger has something so fundamentally changed Christmas. This thing is totally awesome. I had one set that not a single bulb would light up. Plug-plug, click-click and it was fixed. I highly recommend this. I even noticed that the cheaply packaged fake one at Walmart is actually a LightKeeper Pro (it's molded right in the handle) so they must have some agreement with Walmart to sell it under a no-name brand for them. So there's no excuse, you can all get one and you should.

My one complaint about it is there is a notch on it that is suppose to help pull bulbs out. It completely sucks. It doesn't work at all and it seems that those that were so ingenious as to come up with this thing could have developed something better to pull the bulbs out. Do not let this dissuade you in any way though. This thing rocks. I give it 4-stars as it has made my Christmas season just a little bit brighter. N-yuck, n-yuck, n-yuck.


So I watched a youtube video of how the bulb-puller works. Yes, I'm stupid and wasn't doing it correctly. Turns out the bulb-puller is as ingenious as the rest of the thing, I was just being stupid.

Therefore, I'm proud to announce that the LightKeeper Pro is a certified ReviewSpew All-Star!!


Matt said...

I may have just spent 30 minutes learning how this works. I am enthralled and enthused.

You have now cost me 20 dollars.

JustJim said...

You will be buying my lunch after using this.

carol hammo.s said...

I just saw the ad for this product and i read ur reviews. I must try this frustration saving item. Thank you for explaining how to properly use it becore i buy it.

Georgia Karamargin said...

I have many strings of lights to fix & my Lightkeeperpro doesn't work right:( the little black device with the 3 button batteries is busted/the lever cracked when I tried to open it & replace those batteries. Many of my strands are new LED ones purchased from Sears last year or so.

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