Bumbo review

Do you have a baby and nowhere to put it? Are you looking for neon baby furniture? Do you absolutely hate holding children? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then look no further than the Bumbo. What is the Bumbo you ask? Not only is it a fun word to say but it's also a throne for babies! And don't babies deserved to be treated like royalty...

So a few days ago I bought a bright blue bumbo. (say that 10 times fast) My first question when I saw the seat was "How did they form the perfect bottom?" and "How did they get a baby to sit there while they mold the styrofoam around it?"

I was a little worried at first to put my 5 month old girl in it, thinking that it couldn't support her enormous weight capacity. (17 lbs and proud of it) But when I sat her in it, magic happened! It fit like a glove, a bum glove! My little girl is a wiggler, but the bumbo takes care of that. It keeps her compact. If it wasn't so soft I would say that it's a baby prison. Once a kid gets in it, there is no getting out without assistance. I'm surprised these things aren't selling like hot cakes in the South. (I'm stereotyping and assuming they don't take proper care of their children there) Though I am a guilty party, I was cooking dinner and realized how easy it is to put the baby in the bumbo and turn on baby einstein. (Baby Capitalism at its best.) I might never need a babysitter.

Bumbo's website states "This revolutionary infant chair is uniquely designed according to the baby’s posture." I wouldn't say that they uniquely designed the chair to your baby's posture. It's one size fits all folks. Any baby will fit in the bumbo, unless they have a severe case of elephantitis.

The only thing I would improve about the Bumbo is that I would put wheels on it and maybe a cord for pulling it, then I wouldn't have to bend over so much to save my girl from the postpartum prison.

The Bumbo is not only a fun word to say, but it is a 4 star product. It lacks perfection because of the cool 35 bucks it will set you back, and mostly because I want a bumbo made for adults.


Zac Pritcher said...

I effing lost it at the very first line from this review. Great work.

Kenny D said...

Zac, gracias. I checked your site and liked it quite a bit. I would review video games here but I think I would be chided.

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