UFC 105 on Spike Review

I once paid money to go to a WWF live event.  There...I said it.  Now it's on the table, and I can be rid of my shame. 
Actually, it's worse than that.  I waited in line with a wrist-band, in order to get the best seats for said WWF event.  Truth be told, I was a fan of the WWF, and wasted countless hours on their (almost) daily TV airings.

I also used to be a huge boxing fan.  In the heyday of the heavyweights, I ponied up my share for a pay-per-view on multiple occasions.  I paid money to see Mike Tyson chew off an ear.  I paid money to see Tyson beat Michael Spinks in mere seconds.

Needless to say, I like watching violent acts on television.  I even enjoy America's funniest home videos when they show their "nut-cracker" segments.

This naturally segued my life into the world of Mixed Martial Arts. (MMA)

Let's be clear here---I am extremely talented at Ping Pong, Call of Duty 1 (on the PC), and splitting up the cost of dinner when a bunch of guys go out.  My muscle/fat ratio is bordering on zero, and the only fight I've ever been involved with was at the Layton Hills Mall when I was 11, and I got in a shoulder-push before an adult broke up the action.  (I would have killed him though)

Perhaps this is why I'm drawn to MMA.  These guys represent all I never could do, nor ever wish to do. (have you seen their ears??  Freaky...)

I'm also no expert on the techniques used in the sport.  I hear the words Muay Thai, and I think of an alcoholic drink.  If someone mentions a Kimura, I immediately think someone is wearing a Japanese robe.
I do however enjoy talent, and at times there are some truly talented physical freaks that can be very entertaining to watch.

This past Saturday, the UFC broadcasted its 105th "main event" on Spike TV.  It seems that there is a pay per view for the UFC every week, so it's possible that this is the 105th main event this year.
I didn't know any of the fighters except one chap named Randy Couture.  I was positive I'd heard of him before, and then it hit me---I do remember where I heard his name--on one of any 6 dozen commercials about UFC 105 over the previous week.

I'll grade this program in 3 different categories:

The fights:  There were many good fights especially if you like punching.  there were not many true wrestlers on the card, and most of the fights were an all-out brawl.  There was a real KO--out cold, a fighter with a red mohawk, but no midgets or women fighting.  Every good card needs a novelty act.

The main event was with 46 year old Randy Couture fighting a large dude named Vera with 5 foot arms.  I won't reveal the winner in case you haven't seen the fight yet, but I'll tell you that Couture is a grappler.  90% of the fight is along the edge of the octagon, with very little punching or ground-work.  Snooze-fest.
Overall the fights got a 4-star rating.

The commercials:  As this was a free broadcast on Spike TV, there were commercials injected into every spare second of the broadcast.  There were honestly only 2 commercials played the entire broadcast, and they were just set to repeat.
First were the video game ads.  Over and over and over and over again they played.  Buckle up for CGI heaven when you watch.
Next were the UFC ads.  I had no idea that someone could advertise so much on their OWN SHOW!!  It was creepy.  It's like being the headliner in a comedy club, and opening for yourself. 
"Thanks everyone, you've been a great audience.  Now let's bring out the one you've all been waiting for..the one..the only...me!"
The commercials receive a 1-star rating.

The peripherals:  The only things that I remember about this broadcast were the gratuitious cleavage/ass shots of the ring girls, and Joe Rogan.
Joe Rogan is quickly climbing the list of "people that should be locked in a refrigerator, and left in a landfill."  I didn't always hate him.  He was funny in News Radio.  He was bearable in Fear Factor.  But he's beyond annoying as an announcer/analyst/tough guy/interviewer in the UFC.
I think he likes to say "rear naked choke" over and over again, just to use the word naked.  His analysis is "football jock-esque" at best, and his post-fight interviews are painful to watch.  I hate those post-fight interviews, and they need to be stopped.
Peripherals get a 1-star rating.

All in all, if you have 3 hours to kill, and are even a casual watcher of MMA, there are a good docket of fights, and you'll probably never see a 46-year old dude win again. (whoops...spilled the beans)
UFC 105 gets 3 seeing stars.


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