Tamiflu Review

I really feel bad for the National Pork Society or the Organization for the Promotion of Pork Products or whatever the group is that is responsible for promoting the benefits of Pork products because they failed and failed badly. Despite a full throttle push to get us to call it the N1H1 Virus I do believe it will forever be called The Swine Flu, and it should be. In my opinion The Swine Flu sounds more scary. It instills images in peoples’ minds of something hideous like the pig monster at the end of Swamp Thing.
Whatever you want to call it, the Swine Flu sucks. One of my sons got it and quickly after that, another son got it. I had never seen either of them so sick before and I must admit it scared the crap out of me. When the second kid got it, the doctor put the whole family on Tamiflu.

For the adults and older kids it was a complete no brainer. You have to take a pill twice a day for five days. No problem whatsoever. It was kind of spendy as far as prescriptions go though. It was incredibly effective as the boys started feeling much better within a day or two.

The liquid form for the smaller kids was a nightmare all by itself. First, its in short supply and after going to 3 different pharmacies and not finding it, I called around and the fourth pharmacy I called finally had a supply of it. Second, it smelled rancid and it's thick and gelatinous. Thankfully it only needs to be taken twice a day, but it was darn near impossible to get them to take it that often.

My wife went and got the bubblegum flavoring added to it, which is a must, just so it at doesn't smell so bad. It did little for the flavor though. I finally figured out what needed to be done and that is pour out the dosage and then add a touch of water to it to thin it out so they can drink it more like a shot then trying to get them to slurp down bubble gum smelling phlegm.

Despite being expensive and really difficult to get your younger kids to take, Tamiflu is a lifesaver. It made those of us that were ill, better and I'm sure prevented the rest of us from getting what was a horrible case of the flu. I give it 4-stars. If you or someone you love has the Swine Flu then you should give it a try.


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