Sonic chicken strip meal for $3.99 Review

Sonic has a lot going for it.  First, it has some of the best drinks of any fast-food joint in the country.  Secondly, their commercials are truly hilarious.  Thirdly, if you're a perverted middle-aged man who enjoys cute underage girls in roller skates brininging you food--this is the place.  Fourth, the food....nevermind.  Fourth, the atmosphere...nevermind.  Fourth, they have really good salt packets.

On second thought, Sonic sucks.  If you're not into good drinks or jailbait, there really isn't a reason to even stop by.
Speaking of this whole "roller-skating" window service---doesn't this negate the entire concept of a fast food restaurant?  I want one of two things from a fast-food place:

Either I get my food from the drive-thru in a short time, and don't have to interact with the employees for more than 15 seconds
I order my food in the restaurant and only want the employees to take my order and give me my drink cup so I can sit down in solitude.

Having a pimply-faced teenager stick a food tray on my window goes against all that I hold dear in my patronage.

So are the drinks good enough to sway an unwilling customer to order their food???  I suppose they were for me.
I stopped at the Sonic drive-thru, ready to drop a 2-spot on a large Coke with delicious crunchy ice, and noticed that they had a chicken finger basket for $3.99.  You get 4 chicken fingers, 2 pieces of toast, country gravy, fries, and onion ring, and a medium drink. (which I promply upsized to a large)  2 dollars more to get all this food in addition to my drink?  Sign me up!

(I didn't get my onion ring by the way...I think the onion ring is like the nerdy tag along kid of the "side-items" family.  Nobody really pays attention to him and he rarely gets ordered, but every now and again, you'll get a rogue onion ring with your fries like he's trying to fit in.  Dude...I don't care what you get dressed up in---you're still an onion.)

Let's just say that I don't even remember eating the food it was so forgettable.  Was it good?  Was it bad?  I don't know....I don't remember anything about it.  Unfortunately, this probably speaks more to the quality of the food being on the poor side.  WAIT!!!---I do remember asking for a tub of honey mustard....I think.

If you're hungry, and jonesing for a Sonic Coke, the chicken strip basket is probably worth your while to stop in.  If you only want a Sonic drink, I suggest waiting until their "happy hour" (2-4pm) where their drinks are half-price.

I give the chicken strip dinner a 3-star rating....the Coke was delicious, and crappy food for 2 dollars is a much better price than all the other crappy fast food joints.


Zac Pritcher said...

Teenage girls on rollerblades are the best. I'm only 19, so me saying that now isn't as creepy as it will be when I'm 42 and saying the same thing.

The only thing from Sonic that I really, really like is their Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito. Man, that thing is delicious.

JustJim said...

I couldn't agree more. The food at Sonic sucks big time, but the drinks? Wow, they are the best. Where else can you get a Pineapple Coke with real chunks of pineapple? It's the best thing ever.

Matt said...

Zac: I'm 34...so it's just semi-creepy.

Jim: Cherry Limeades give me a slight erection.

Nope. said...

Allow me to sound a little silly here, but I'm really curious. Exactly what is so delicious about a Sonic Coke? Do they have a special syrup?

I'm dying to go to a Sonic, there are two about 70 miles away from me, but I have no car...

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