NOS energy drink Review

I'll admit that I'm not a huge energy drink connesuir. I rely mostly on natural endorphins and a cocktail of Adderall, quaaludes, and fish oil to get the body rolling in the morning.
The taste is the biggest deterrent to my energy drink sabbatical. I'm sure that others have become accustomed to the taste of most energy drinks, and are ready to make the natural leap to childrens Tylenol as the flavor is very similar.

A friend swears by the NOS, and suggested that I give it a try as he promised the taste was not the death knell like other energy drinks.

I chose the original NOS, which came in a 16 oz can, and has a "citrus-like" taste. They also now make grape and fruit punch in case you want to reminisce about your childhood when you enjoyed otter-pops on a sunny afternoon.
To be honest, the taste was not that bad. Imagine you took some soda water, and added a bunch of Tang...and threw in some aspirin for the patented energy drink "bitter taste." The after-taste was not overpowering, as the drink is quite sweet. I hear there is a sugar-free NOS, and might try this in the future.

The drink is heavy in taurine, caffeine, and ginseng, and did not disappoint. The "kick" was noticeable, and gave me an instant "zip." It's like I turned into "super-engineer." My fingers flew across the keyboard, I started seeing circuit diagrams in purple 3-D, and added a few extra pens to my pocket protector for good measure. NOS is kind of like my spinach to Popeye, except it didn't increase my strength, masculinity, or help me score a chick named Olive Oil.

I do have a serious question about the marketing campaign for the drink. I realize that they are equating NOS to the gas which helps engines create more horsepower. They'd like me to have visions of Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson drifting around turns while the police are completely oblivious to a couple thousand people drag racing on city streets.
Call me old school, but hearing the word NOS brings completely different visions to my mind. I think of tweakers in Prodigy shirts with glow-in-the-dark necklaces bouncing around in old warehouses to a little house trance music while sucking liquid power out of a balloon. (I exceeded the suggested count of prepositional phrases in this sentence)
I also am reminded of the dentist, as he goes to town on my bicuspid with a monster drill....all the while, my mind wondering if my legs are floating.

Luckily, the net effect of NOS is nothing like the dentist or balloon-sucking. In fact, I kind of feel like the original fast and furious...you know, the one with Vin Diesel. I'm kind of like Vin Diesel...if he were 75 pounds lighter, had a little Buddha gut, and had more Jewish features and hair all over his body. Oy Vey.

NOS is pretty good...especially if you aren't used to the "boost" in the morning from caffeine. There was a decent 3 hour stretch where I could feel colors, and smell numbers. Neo had nothing on me. Unfortunately, the elevated heart rate and subsequent energy crash were a little troubling. Perhaps I could eat a Big Mac with my NOS...with the 2 canceling each other out.

I give NOS a decent 3-star rating. It's not as bad as Tokyo drift, but not as good as the original Fast and the furious.


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