Costco Yardline Ridgefield Shed Review

My family is creating a black hole. The rate at which we accumulate "stuff" defies mathematical principles. We have found a way to pack "stuff" in every nook, cranny, orifice, and any other place we can find in our home. The density is so great, I think we're starting to absorb light.

It didn't used to be this way. Our first move over 8 years ago consisted of a sparsely packed u-haul truck.
Our most recent move involved a professional moving company, a semi tractor trailer, and something about 20 thousand pounds worth of "stuff."

Are you looking for a light fixture that was replaced by a ceiling fan, and doesn't match any others?
Do you need old paint rollers that have been cleaned over 5 times?
Perhaps you fancy a full set of radio shack speakers which haven't been used in 5 years?

If you are interested in any of these items, look no further than aisle 7, box D in our cataloging system used to fully utilized open space for storage in our home.

In our everlasting quest to park both cars in the garage, we felt an outdoor shed was a necessity. We could move a bunch of items out of the garage, and in turn, I wouldn't have to scrape my windows in the winter. Sign me up, and here's my credit card.

After looking around at home improvement stores, we found that for a cool 2 grand, we could have the shed we desired. (not including upgrades---a window is an upgrade? I'm surprised they didn't offer the door as an upgrade)
This was a little rich for my blood, so I started looking online for plans to build my own shed. I had framed my basement, so I thought I was up for the task.
I searched for the perfect shed instructions, and found that the building materials would be....2 grand, I passed.

Costco recently had an online coupon where they were offering $300 off one of their Yardline shed kits. Shipping was free, and the total was a cool grand. I slapped down the plastic, and the 1300 pound beast was on its way.

I think the reason this shed was so much cheaper was the materials. It had 2X4 floor joists, 2X3 wall studs, and 5/8" thick floorboards. I realize that I just offended a bunch of hardcore handymen, but let's be realistic....I'm not going to hold a disco dance-off, store horses, or hide stolen children in the shed. It's going to be the home for yard equipment, garage supplies, and perhaps a secret nudey magazine stash.

The shed actually has a bunch of positives. It has 7 foot high walls, which gives it room for storage overhead. (included btw...) It also includes a work bench, windows, vents, and 64" wide double doors.

It is not difficult to put together. It took me 3 or 4 days to assemble, and I didn't spend every waking hour pounding a hammer. The instructions are easy to follow, and the wood is easy to find in the kit. Be aware that you may have to replace some wood, as it might bow or twist.

Also note that shingles, drip-edge, and paint are not included in the kit. Be prepared for a few hundred dollars more for these supplies.

All in all, you will have a great 8X12 shed that looks really nice.

I give the Yardline Ridgefield shed a handy 4 stars for ease of assembly, size, features, and a good place to stash porn.


Kenny D said...

Professional Moving Company?

Matt said...

Moving company to the apartment...not from the apartment to the house...which was done by 2 Brothers moving company.

Unknown said...

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