Kids Karate Class Review

One of my favorite parts of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” is when they go to the Karate Dojo and listen to the sales pitch for Drew Carey’s mentally inept friend’s “8 week program”. I found myself repressing a huge belly laugh when this memory flooded back to me during my 4 year old son’s first Karate class a few weeks ago. The instructor was way too serious about Kempo Karate….remember the Kempo part, trust me on this one. He punched and kicked at the air with a ferocity that one would only think possible in a battle for one’s life. It was impressive and ridiculous at the same time. If he would have mentioned the “buddy system” I would have lost it altogether. Needless to say, I was about to pick up my little guy and head for the door when the instructor shifted to a more kid friendly demeanor and realized that my son was more than intimidated.

From then on, the guy actually turned out to be pretty good with kids. Still, my shy son didn’t participate at all that first class. He just stood and watched the other ten or so 4-year olds run around, do snap kicks, and yell “Keeiiii!” There was also no way in the world that he was going to sing the “Little Dragon” song. So, I kind of thought he didn’t enjoy it and it would be not only our first class, but our last. Then we drove home. From the moment we hit the front door my son was asking me if I wanted him to teach me Karate…Kempo Karate, sorry. He was snap kicking and combo punching everything in the house. After a couple of ground rules about appropriate targets, the kid was, in his mind, nothing short of a Bruce Lee twin. Like any kid would know who Bruce Lee is these days.

The next class was a wholly different experience. He participated fully and really concentrated on getting the form down. He still wouldn’t sing the song, but was running with the other kids and mustering up all the Chi he could. Again, he became my instructor when we got home, plus he had the uniform this time and, as a matter of fact, I don’t think he has taken it off since. They also do homework that includes letters and shapes and colors so the kids get a little preschool as well. They sneaked the school work in like a Ninja in the night, my guy has no idea that Karate doesn’t normally include triangle matching games.

For a little guy that didn’t have much coordination and had shyness beyond normalcy, he has sure come out of his shell thanks to this Karate class. It has been a few weeks now and his interest hasn’t waned. He sings the song and is working on his yells and addressing the instructors as “Sir” and “Ma’am”. His flying kicks are pretty impressive too and now that we have a little punching pad at home, his practice has been better directed and is paying off in dividends.

I’ve got to give mad props though, to something of which I have totally mocked over the years but never actually participated. My little man seems to really enjoy it and is getting some good things out of it too. And for those of you that think I am training my child to fight, please recall the words of the master, Ralph Macchio “I train, so I don’t have to fight.” …..just break the wrist and walk away.


Hapkido Santa Monica said...

Great timing for karate.

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