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So I guess I would call myself a movie fan. If anyone follows my reviews, about 90% are film reviews. I don't want to think about it because I get sick at the life I've wasted by watching terrible movies. I kinda wish this was a paying gig so I could have an excuse (to my wife) for watching so many and I could esteem myself with the title of Professional Film Critic. So when I do have spare time from watching movies, I of course go to movie websites to find all the latest news regarding Hollywood. Don't tell anyone but my spare time just happens to be when I'm at work. The first place I go for movie news is aintitcool.com.

Aintitcool is a very popular site for film fans. I'm sure the majority of our audience (5 readers out of 7 total) have visited the site more than a few times. It is a great place to go because it is current. The moment news breaks it is displayed on the site. It is a better option to other movie sites because not only do you get the news but you also get humorous commentary by one of aintitcool's correspondents. The correspondents are pretty up-front. They let you know what movies suck and which suck worse.

The host of the site, Harry Knowles, has become a sort of pop culture guru. This is definitely his site and has his signature all over it. He contributes reviews of popcorn movies, which he usually likes, and DVD reviews. He is to be respected and feared by all because he is the King of all Dorks. His motto might just be "In the land of the geeks, the fat man with a girlfriend is King." His reviews are pretty harmless but are too often spliced with political leanings. Listen pal, I don't come to read about movies and get some right-wing bashing.

The site is the perfect meeting ground for geeks. It has movie and casting news as I've said, but also gives TV news and for the low level dweebs it discusses comic books and video games every once in a while.

If you want a great movie site, dust the cheeto dust off your fingers, put down the mountain dew and click onto aintitcool.com. Who knows, it might even become a favorite.

I give Aint It Cool News 4 stars. I ding it because my mom told me to never say aint, and secondly because politics are referenced far too much.


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