Visine Advanced Relief eye drops review

The following groups of people all have a similar problem.

A college student is up for 3 days straight studying for finals. He is due a couple hours after finals for his "engagement" pictures. His eyes look like someone poured bleach on them. What to do?

A group of old high school buddies get together and conveniently "dispose" of enough weed to sedate a large elephant. One of the friends is to meet his future in-laws in 3 hours. What to do?

The author of this post is a terrible sleeper. (It's true...click here if you don't believe me, and are not easily frightened) After 4 fitful hours of sleep, I head into work looking like a character from the zombie flick "28 years later." (I made this up...but I figure after 28 days later, and 28 weeks later...it's the most obvious choice) How can I look presentable to my fellow co-workers? What to do?

Simple...the same thing that has been done for decades....Visine that red out.

I actually purchased Visine Advance Relief drops. What is the difference from the original? Well, regular Visine gets the red out...and they say that Visine advanced relief REALLY gets the red out. Yeah...right.

Below is a normal picture of my eyes as I roll into work.

After a couple drops of Visine AR, I then look like this.

To say this is magic is understating the obvious. Why can't they (scientists?) conjure up some of their voodoo magic to fix some other bodily problems that I'd like to rectify cheaply and easily. (Dark circles under eyes, hair covering 98.6% of my body which grows back overnight after some manscaping, permanent elimination of pooping...I mean c'mon, crapping seems like a Godly creative oversight. Can't the waste be disposed using some other process?)

This product works well, and works immediately. The red will disappear quickly, and you won't have to worry about it until tomorrow.

BUT...there's a catch. Tetrahydrozoline.

While this word sounds like it might be the main ingredient for penile enlargement pill, it is actually the main active ingredient in Visine.
Scientists have also said that it is addictive, and can harm your eyes in the long-term.

Just because I use Visine doesn't mean that I am addicted. I can quit Visine anytime....I just don't want to yet. I'm really just a social Visiner anyway. It's not like I Visine when I'm home alone on the weekends. I'm not a closet Visiner.
Maybe I'll quit tomorrow. Sure...today will be my last Visine. Or maybe I'll just Visine when I really need it.

For those of you with racist eyes (only white) you don't need this product.
If you have a red eye problem (ocular) than this product should help in the short term. And just because I may be a Visineaholic doesn't make me a bad person. It's not like I Visine and drive.

Visine Advanced Relief drops stand clearly at a 3-star rating. A Visine on the rocks sounds really good right now. Can I Visine before noon?


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Visine and vodka would go together. Just wondering.

VetTech said...

I always though "crypt creeper" was a pretty impressive look.

Matt said...

Rambler--I wonder what would happen if you drank Visine, and dropped Vodka on your eyes?

Vet--As I grow older, my grey hair and wrinkled face puts me oh so close to this look.

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