Bully Beatdown MTV Series Review

Admittedly I am a nerd. My memories of torment in high school and earlier still plague my soul and make me fantasize about destroying some of those bullies in various ways even to this day. I say various ways because I not only want to beat their eyes shut, but I would love to follow them throughout their lives, if I had the finances (I did say this was a fantasy), and buy every business at which they worked and fire them over and over again with nothing on the pink slip except the words “Karma is a Be-otch, I hope it was worth it.” Now, that is never going to happen. In reality, those guys are probably 10X more successful than me and probably sport 6-pack abs and models for wives. If life has taught me anything, it is: what comes around DOES NOT go around. They will never get theirs. Life is cruel, so just deal with it.

Now I come to my review. Bully Beatdown is probably the best idea ever put on TV. It is a semi-new series on MTV with an MMA star Jason Mayhem as the host. Basically, he has adult victims of bullies send in tapes and he tries to dish out a little justice to the offenders. Mayhem is hilarious and shows up, gets in the bully’s face and offers them ten grand to go two rounds in the cage with an MMA pro fighter. These bullies all think they are the baddest thing to ever hit the planet earth, so they inevitably agree and then head into the cage. Witnessing an education like this is priceless. As these bad-asses get pounded and tap out over and over, you can almost see an understanding come across their faces. They become the victim. It is only a couple of minutes, but is probably the only few moments in these guys lives where someone really puts them in their place. I love the concept; I love the violence; bravo Mayhem.

I can’t just give a total 5 star review here though as there are a couple of problems with the series as I see it. First, the rounds are short and not full MMA rules. In round one they can only grapple, no pounding. For every time the bully taps out, $1000 of the $10K that is up for grabs is given to the victim. Tapping is great, but when you are in the clinch I think these guys deserve a little ground pounding.

The second round is only striking but they have full head gear and full-on shin guards and boxing gloves. These guys have tormented and often physically scarred some of these victims for life. It is only 3 minutes, they should go true MMA rules, no pads and just get annihilated.

I love vigilante movies and love to see the dweeb finally knock out the jock at the end of the film. Revenge is a beautiful thing and if some enlightenment can come with it, all the better. Some may say my thought process isn’t very Christian-like, but a little justice in this world would be nice for a change. If Mayhem can administer it in 3 minute increments, then I say “Preach on, my brother”.


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