Bass Pro Shop Review

I was recently in Phoenix AZ on a family vacation and had the opportunity to head into one of my father’s favorite places, the Bass Pro Shop. As to why I was vacationing in Phoenix in mid-July, let’s just say that I have led a sinful life and wanted to know, first hand, what the fiery depths of Hell will feel like when I leave this earth. Having the flesh seared from my bones while twisting on a spit in the fourth ring won’t be so bad now that I have golfed in 115 degree heat.

First, I have to say that the Bass Pro Shop was very well air-conditioned. 2 Stars just for having a cool haven in that inferno, and that is no small feat considering there is roughly one billion cubic feet of building to cool. Yeah, the store is big. Really big. If you are an outdoorsy type, they have it all. The prices didn’t seem super cheap, but they focus on high quality name brands that demand a premium everywhere. I wanted to see the sporting goods, but we mostly went to look at the displays. My kids loved all of the animals and multi-floor scaled wildlife scenes. The fish tanks were monstrous and filled with some impressive fish. A water fall flowed into a little stream full of fish and taxidermy animals adorned every wall and faux rock. All of this eye candy was a big hit with the kiddies. They also had different animal footprints on the floors and the little ones spent quite a while following those trying to identify the paw prints.

I headed into the fishing section just to see the scale of the inventory they keep and was astonished that you could buy lures for everything from Rainbow Trout to basically a Great White Shark. They really do have it all. The fly fishing section was amazing and the high end specialty sections offer a selection for even the biggest die-hards with the deepest pockets.

They also had a little shooting gallery, a video shooting gallery, an archery range, a marina for test driving canoes, a high end gun section, a sizeable golf section, and a snack bar. They also sell boats, 4-wheelers, and camo paint jobs for your truck. The size and scope of this store is amazing and although I only bought a pair of sunglasses, I could see how my credit card could get seriously abused in this place if I lived closer.

If Heaven had an earthly face…it would be Halle Berry, if it was an earthly place, it would be Bass Pro Shop. I love you Bass Pro Shop but can only give you 4 stars as you are too far away and long distance relationships never work.


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