Laurence Fishburne in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Review

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has been around forever. I think it used to air right after the Cosby show when it first came out.
I admit that I have not seen all the episodes. In fact, I just started watching in the last 2 or 3 years, so I wouldn't consider myself a CSI aficionado.
Before I watched the show, I wondered how it could be interesting watching a CSI crime team investigate different murders. It seemed that the concept would get tired....repetitive.
(Collect fingerprints, blood, shoe-prints, trace elements, and then solve a murder case in a day. Repeat the next Thursday)

I mis-spoke in the above parenthetic statement. They do not solve a murder case in a day. In fact, I do not believe there has ever been DAY on the show. I realize that they work the night shift on the show, but for Hell's sake, turn on the lights in the lab. Who is the Danzig stage-hand that is in charge of the lighting on the set? No wonder they always have to use their flashlights...so they can see.

Anyhow, I've learned to like this little show. Much of it has to do with the fact that most story lines are wrapped up in 1 hour. I do not need to devote 6 or 7 years of my life to figure out what is going on in the show like Lost or Heroes. (I sometimes want to murder those shows)

In watching CSI, I found myself more interested/vested in certain characters than others. One of those is Gil Grissom.(William Peterson) He was in charge of one of the CSI units, and was the central character of the show for many years. Unfortunately, the season that just ended in 2009 was his last on the show. His character grew tired of the death/depravity on the job, and left to follow the love of his life. Actually, the 2nd love of his life, as bugs were his 1st.

What remained of the cast is a cess pool of decent talent, but Grissom was the central character that tied them all together. You now have a new boss, (Catherine "botox" Willows) the semi-hunk, (Nick "So what if I've gained 30 pounds" Stokes) the goofy guy, (Greg "hey...at least I played soccer in high school" Sanders) the hot lab rat, (Wendy "ChaCha!!" Sims) and the comic relief. (David "beaker" Hodges).
Yikes...I left out one of the main CSI's. She's some new blonde who is forgettable in every way...so we'll just forget her.

The creators of the show needed someone to keep viewers tuned into the show, so they brought in my man Laurence Fishburne. (Plus, they killed off the other main black character earlier in the season...hey...I'm just saying)
Fishburne is Dr. Ray Langston. He starts as a low-level CSI, and a member of the team.
His character is brought along slowly through the season, but you can tell he is the true "star" of the show.
Unfortunately, there are a few things missing from his character in this show. Let me list them:

Sunglasses that only connect to the nose.
Kung Fu.
Large leather Coat.

I am sorry, but the entire show I'm waiting for him to complete a sentence with "Do you believe now Trinity?" or "Welcome to the Desert of the Real." Other times, I'm waiting for him to head butt another character, and then jump from one building to another. I still haven't seen a single scene where he wields a sword. C'mon!!! Give the man a damn sword!!

I suppose that my fascination with the Matrix has blinded my vision to his character in CSI. He is a capable actor who should not be pigeonholed. Unfortunately, Morpheus was one of the greatest characters in modern SciFi movie history...and he coined the brand.

Go get the DVD for the latest season of CSI, and lets support our man Morp----I mean Ray Langston.

Laurence Fishburne in CSI gets 4 DNA cluster stars. If I saw just a little Kung Fu, it would be an easy 5-star vote.


Anonymous said...

He's beginning to believe.

Matt said...

do you think that's air you're breathing?

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