Star Trek review

I love the Star Trek series because it makes me ask the important questions about myself. Such as, why do I still giggle every time I hear the phrase "Captain's log?"

I never got into the old series all that much. I would catch them from time to time but it all seemed too cheesy for me. My Star Trek was "The Next Generation." How could you go wrong with Capt. Picard and Number 1? Let's not forget Data and Worf. Maybe I had sci-fi goggles on but I was always attracted to Deanna Troy. That show had it all...well, all but action. Looking back I can't remember one action packed moment from the show. I would go back and watch it but I am afraid I'll fall asleep by the time Whoopi Goldberg walks in wearing her giant purple hat.

Though Star Trek has never been known for containing exciting in any form (excluding that rad episode where Kirk was trapped on the planet with the guy in the lizard suit. That episode was awesome).

So now we have J.J. Abrams who directed Mission Impossible III and is behind Lost, Fringe, and Alias. I see him as a less-talented, more well-known Joss Whedon. Basically Abrams has taken the Star Trek movies, which have been dead for a few years and revamped the story and characters. It might sound like he has done a disservice to fans but this is a movie to please nearly everyone. Even people who are able to speak Klingon fluently.

The story is probably the weakest part of the film. It is great at setting up character introductions but it becomes a time traveling revenge story. James Kirk is a rebel who enlists in the Federation and quickly makes enemies with Spock. Their ability to work together is tested when a Romulan, Nero, vows to destroy everything in sight. The characters are spot on. I was worried about the younger cast at first, the guy who plays Kirk, Chris Pine was previously seen in the Lindsay Lohan starrer, Just My Luck. But I gotta say, everyone excluding the kid who plays Chekhov is a perfect choice for the character they play, especially Spock and Bones. I'm especially fond of Simon Pegg(Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), who plays Scotty. Yeah, he's comic relief but I can appreciate that.

The reviews on this movie are making it seem like the greatest movie since The Dark Knight. It's not. It's a really good movie but it's not perfect by any means. Though I have recently been watching the old Star Trek movies and this one blows them out of the solar system. (Who are you calling a geek?) It definitely sets up room for sequels to come and for people to care about Star Trek again.

On my podcast (shameless plug) showtimeshowdown we compared it to Star Wars episode 1. When a movie succeeds like Star Trek you realize how much potential star wars had and it just sucked. Shame on you George Lucas, you have crushed my childhood dreams.

I give Star Trek 4 Stardates!


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