Sealab 2021 Review

I still remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch all of my favorite cartoons. I spent the early morning hours despising Gargamel, wishing I could join the cast of Dungeons and Dragons, and envisioning myself as a GI Joe.

This Saturday morning tradition quickly morphed into sleeping in on Saturdays until 11AM when I hit my teen years. Don't judge me. As a 122 pound junior in high school, I frequently cried myself to sleep until the wee hours of the morning due to the lack of self-esteem. I needed to get some sleep and relieve stress, or the back acne would flare up.

As I grew older, I still enjoyed tuning in to cartoons. Hits like The Simpsons, and Family Guy have given the adult cartoon aficionado something to cling to.
While I enjoy these shows, there was never any cartoon that captured the beauty of the animation of my youth. I was yearning for poor animation, terrible plot lines, bad conversation, and the awkward pauses. And then I stumbled across Sealab 2021.

For those that are a little older than myself, Sealab 2020 was an animated series in the early 70's. It was terrible, and quickly canceled.
Sealab 2021 is a humorous spin-off of the original series. It uses the same setting, and sometimes the same animation as Sealab 2020 for the show.

The show is set at the bottom of the ocean in a self-contained living environment called Sealab. The show features a few main characters, and their "interesting" adventures. To sum up what the show is about, is very difficult. The real enjoyment of the show, is the hilarious/crass/off-the-wall dialogue between characters.

Leading the crazy parade is Captain Murphy. He is the king of one-liners, generating such gems as: "I'm sending you on a quest. I command you to find Quinn's ass...and beat it." I can't stress enough how funny his character is in this show.

Alas, the actor who voiced this character passed away in the middle of the show. (Harry Goz) They brought in his son (Michael Goz) to voice a different captain (Tornado Shanks) but it just wasn't very funny after this.

If you enjoy any of the shows that were aired on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, you'll definitely enjoy this show. I recommend buying all 4 seasons at Amazon. It's only like 40 bucks. Or go find it on bit-torrent...see if I care.

Don't forget...Erik Estrada is one of the main character voices too...that's gotta be worth giving it a look. Below is a clip of some Stormy funny clips....you'll laugh till you bleed.
You can also go to adultswim.com for longer (legal) clips.

Mustache on or off....too bad!

Sealab 2021 swims its way to a 4-star rating, only hindered by the lameness of Tornado Shanks.


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