Post Cinna-Graham Honeycomb Review

I currently live in a bizarro world compared to my childhood. Our pantry is literally stocked with 10-15 cereal boxes of the most sugary, pucker-your-lips sweetness mankind has ever created. My children have their veritable pick of sugar puffed sugar, crispy sugar, and other sugary goodness, which are routinely topped with sugar from the sugar bowl.

My weekday mornings as a child were spent ingesting oatmeal, cracked wheat, and the occasional bowl of (insert plant name here) Chex. We counted down the days until Sunday when we were able to eat 1 bowl of the sugar cereal that my Mom found on clearance at a scratch-and-dent grocery store. Sometimes we got honey-nut cheerios (shouldn't even count as a sugar cereal), and other times we hit the jackpot with Fruit Loops. I seriously considered Fruity Pebbles to be worth more per weight than most precious metals in my childhood.

Last week, I perused the cereal selection in our pantry in hopes to quell the fat-man hunger pangs I was having at 9:30 PM.
I quickly locked on to an enormous discolored box of Honeycomb. What was this sugary goodness that the cereal fairies had placed before me?
In front of my eyes, I thought that Post had created the greatest conglomerate of cereal flavors since Purple horseshoes were created. I stood in amazement before the newly released Cinna-Graham Honeycomb.

*Promises were made to be broken

It couldn't be true. They had taken 3 of my favorite cereals, and combined them into one uber-diabetes-inducing treat.
Cinnamon toast crunch---love it.
Golden Grahams---love it.
Honeycomb---love it.

So, what happens when you mix the flavors of all 3????

I took my full bowl, and sauntered over to the couch to watch the latest installment of Sportscenter. The cinnamon/graham flavor permeated my nose, bringing back memories of visiting my grandmother who actually would spend money on the cinnamon coated graham crackers rather than the generic honey grahams I was used to eating.

I dipped my spoon into the bowl, and took a large bite.

Right away, I realized that something was wrong. The mixture of flavors was not at all like I expected. The cinnamon overpowered all other tastes, but didn't taste like real cinnamon. It was like Post created a fake cinnamon---like the splenda of cinnamon's. I bet they call it asparcinnamontame.
After 2 bites, I knew that this bowl of cereal was not going to finish its journey into my belly. And its not like I'm picky about what goes in. I'm about as picky with food, as Nicholas Cage is with movie scripts.

Let me recap this cereal:
Bad -- Tastes like a cinnamon plant mated with a oak tree, and its offspring was harvested solely for this cereal.
Good -- Does not change the scent of your urine like Honey Smacks.

To prove my point, even Post feels that this cereal is a bomb. Take a look at their Honeycomb page. (below)
You won't see this cereal anywhere. It's the bastard son of the Honeycomb family tree.

I give this cereal 1 bee careful stars out of 5.


Anonymous said...

I expected so much more from a cereal with that name. How disappointing, but I'm glad you are here to help me steer clear of such atrocities.

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