LG enV2 Review

Hi boys and girls! I know it’s been a while, and I apologize for my absence. Shortly after the Sirloin Burger review I was unable to get off the couch and the laptop was out of reach so there you have it.

This review is somewhat two-fold. I will be discussing not only the LG enV2, but also Verizon Wireless. Im going to start off right now saying that this review will be totally useless to a lot of people for one simple reason, and that reason would be because when I selected a cell phone I didn’t need it to operate a motor vehicle, cook dinner, or update my facebook. I didn’t need all the fancy-smancy options of a crackberry. It’s obvious the current trend is to get a phone that does as many things possible and pay the equivalent to an auto payment every month for those options. I had a few requirements and did a lot of research before selecting a carrier and a phone, hopefully my time spent will help those of you who are in a similar situation.

First let me fill you in on why I needed a phone. For one, I shut my home telephone off. Nobody ever called the house phone, and when they did, it was people I really didn’t want to talk to anyway. No need to give Qwest money I could be spending somewhere else right? Right! The second reason was that my work phone which was provided free of charge to the department I work for by Sprint went away. I’m not saying that all the charges to those “certain” phone numbers were ethical, but nobody told me I couldn’t either. Seriously though, Sprint called one day and informed me they couldn’t afford their donated service phones any longer and were shutting them off, so that was that.

I really depended on my cell phone at work. There was always someone I needed to call about a certain situation, person, or vehicle. I didn’t want this information being listened to by everyone with a scanner, let alone the people that were part of the traffic stop. I could gather information about vehicles and the occupants, their recent contacts with law enforcement, prior drug arrests, etc etc. Cell phones are great….when they work. Sprint needs to go and stand up the clothes hangers and straighten the tin foil they are using for towers in this area, because I would never consider getting service from Sprint again, even if it was free service. Ugh! Horrible.

When selecting a cell phone I had some simple requirements. I wanted exceptional service. I wanted to make a call from the duck blind if I needed. I wanted to call dispatch if I had pulled more than three feet off the side of the interstate (Sprint would actually stop working too far off the interstate). I needed a QWERTY keyboard for texting. A camera was on my wish list too, because you never know what you are going to run into out here that will require a picture so your buddies will believe you. That pretty much sums up what I needed a phone to do.

After reading countless reviews I finally decided on the LG Voyager. After having it for a few days, I realized I should have listened to the negative comments on the reviews I had read. This is a pretty nice phone, but it’s fairly good sized. The main drawback is the touch screen. LG has improved their touch screens with more recent models, but the Voyager’s falls a bit short. It’s slow to react, and sometimes totally unresponsive. If you don’t have long fingernails to precisely tap at the options, it can become irritating. I took the Voyager back and got the enV2. I really don’t need to be reminded at how greasy and dirty my hands are when I use my phone.

After using the enV2 for a while I absolutely love it. The size is great; the reception on both ends is clear and crisp. It is loaded with options, most of which I will never need or use, like internet and navigation. The screen is good sized and easy to use. It’s a solid built phone and will take the abuse of dropping it and being used in the not so perfect of environment. The menu and options are easy to navigate and if you are used to the Verizon wireless set up, you won’t have any problems jumping right in with the enV2

At first I didn’t like the set up of the keyboard. Instead of having a space key in the center like a regular keyboard, the enV2 incorporates two smaller space keys on each side of the bottom row. It took some getting used to but after a few days I am just as fast with it, if not faster than a normal set up. I have been using the phone for about four months now and the only thing I would change is the “ok” key. It is positioned in the middle of the directional arrow keys, but is the same level. Often time when you attempt to press the “ok” key, the cursor will go right, left, up or down, and you have to try again. This key really needs its own position or to be raised above the arrow keys to solve this issue. It takes great pictures (ladies, don’t be shy to ask if you wanna see) and is comfortable and easy to use. I don’t think I could be happier with a cell phone pertaining to my specific needs.

If you do a ton of texting, and are in search of a phone that is reliable and fairly simple, the enV2 would be a great choice. I can chase down a speeder at 120 mph on the interstate and still dial a phone number with the nice sized number pad on the external portion of the phone without making mistakes. The enV2 will do a lot of other things that you may require, but it’s not a crackberry.

Verizon has been a wonderful company to deal with. I wish they had a “circle” or fav 5 of sorts, but they do offer a discount to certain lines of work. I haven’t had a single reception problem or dropped call. Their funny commercials and great customer service earn Verizon and the LG enV2 four solid, YES I CAN HEAR YOU NOW! Stars.


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