Chris Cornell Scream review

Alternative music was my first love. This was back when I had a wallet and chain connected to my long shorts. I didn't own a skateboard but I sure looked like I was trying to give that vibe.

One of the great bands of the 90's was Soundgarden. Chris Cornell was the melodic screamer that fronted the band. Then the 90's ended and so did alternative music for the most part. With the end of the 90's came the end of Soundgarden.

Though Chris Cornell hasn't been lazy since that time. He has released 3 solo cd's and made 3 other cd's as the lead singer of Audioslave. The Audioslave cds were hard rockin' and awesome. Cornell's first solo cd "Euphoria Morning" was very acoustic guitar heavy but extremely solid. His second "Carry On" was heavier, not as classic as Euphoria, but very likeable. Now he has released his third solo venture, "Scream."

I know what you're thinking, wasn't Scream a radical duet by Michael Jackson and his twin sister Janet?

With "Scream," Cornell is completely reinventing his music. Yeah, a lot of artists say that, but he actually changed his genre. He went from screeching vocals and rockin out to techno beats and R&B riffs. He is now in league with Timbaland. (you know, the fat black guy who made justin timberlake more famous. shudder) So yeah, this cd is heavy on the bass. Play it if you're cruisin around and you want people to laugh at you in your 1996 Ford Taurus.

Cornell's voice still sounds great, I really do think that his vocals are some of the best and most original out there. Sadly, when singing against the beats, his vocals take a backseat. Gone are the guitars and drums which give way to a soundsystem. kinda sad. His voice has enough soul to pull off the songs, but his experiment sounds a little bit like justin timberlake in 30 years trying to bring sexy back.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this album at all. It actually has some stand out songs. The title track, enemy, and Never Far Away are very easy to listen to.

A lot of people are gonna call him a sell-out for going R&B, but I am optimistic and hope that he tries to go in another direction, another genre for his next.

I give Chris Cornell's Scream 2 rock super-stars.


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