The Origin

Years 15-18 were an awkward time for me. I had just settled in on the horse we call puberty, and was in for a long ride. Growing from 5'4" to 6'0" in a couple years while staying at 124 pounds just compounds the issues of self image. Add in a big nose, and connect-the-dot acne, and it's lucky I even went to my Prom.

To make matters worse, my music taste was not what one would call "main-stream" at the time. I remember in 8th grade, I had just transferred to a new school, and a large boy wearing a Guns n' Roses shirt stopped me in the hall and asked if I was a "waver." I said no, but my hairstyle betrayed my words. He laughed, and made fun of the fact that I liked "The Cure" and "The Dead Kennedy's." I still shudder thinking about that day.

The 90's were an welcome respite from the heavy metal/hard rock music that plagued the airwaves. Oh yes, I bought Def Leppard buttons to put on my Jean Jacket, but my heart wasn't in it. I longed for the mellow tunes of Oingo Boingo-like alternative bands.

In 1990, a song hit the radio that piqued my interest. It was from a band called "The Origin," and I was an instant fan. They had piano, guitar, bass, and great vocals. It was the pop/alternative type of music that rang true with college crowds nationwide. The seemed reminiscent of the Pixies, or the Church.

Their first (self-titled) album was fantastic. A light fare of good piano and vocals. Take a listen to their most popular song below. (Growing Old...it's the only copy on Youtube...and it looks like someone recorded it with a camcorder off MTV2)

Their second album was entitled "Bend," and was a completely different type of music. They obviously wanted a new sound, and went with a more electronic, brooding mix of vocals/piano/guitar. It was a great album, but didn't have the radio popularity of the first album. This also did well in the college crowd.

How obscure is this band? Well, I doubt anyone actually has an mp3 from them unless you ripped the CD yourself. You won't find their music on Itunes, amazonmp3, bit torrent, or any other online download site.
Do you want to read about the band on Wikipedia? Too bad, they don't have an entry. Is that even possible anymore on Wikipedia?

I know what you'll say....they suck, so nobody wants to hear their music anymore. Untrue. After "Bend," they broke up, and never released another album.

But in 2003, Michael Andrews (from the band The Origin) teamed up with Gary Jules to play a cover of the old "Tears for Fears" song Mad World.
For you that like movies, this song was featured on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. (one of my favorite Indie movies)
For you that are under 18, this song was also featured on the commercial for the video game "Gears of War."
Take a listen below....it's a great song.

If you run across "The Origin" in a used CD store, pick it up for 4 dollars, as it will be well worth it. If you have the CD, please rip it, and upload it to bit torrent and seed. I only have the tapes, and nary a tape player.

The Origin rocks to a 4-star rating in the pantheon of obscure 90's bands.


Kenny D said...

Mad World is a fantastic song. If their earlier stuff sounds anything like that song count me in... for an illegal download.

Matt said...

Alas, their music is not much like the Mad World song...but good nonetheless.

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