Top Ten Movies of 2008

2008 was a bittersweet year in movies. The summer promised to be one of the biggest in recent years, but was surrounded by dry spells at the theater. There were a few standouts but sadly good films were few and far between this past year. Usually I have at least 20 great movies to decide my top ten, but this year I was desperate to find 9. Let me preface by saying, I am a movie elitist. I am also a sadist. I watch everything. The good, the bad, and the beverly hills chihuahua. Due to my expansive viewing, I have decided that my opinion is the best reference for good taste. Not vain.

The list is as follows, love it or hate it.

10 - Cloverfield
I know it seems a little odd that this movie be ranked so high. Some of you are still getting over the motion-induced headaches that camera work gave ya. I loved the frenzy of it all. Also I thought it was great that I hadn't previously seen the cast members in other movies. I love the movie because it made me interested in a nearly unseen camera-man named Hud.

9 - The Wrestler
I've never been a big Mickey Rourke fan. He has the cut-up, aged face of Sylvester Stallone, but one thing he has over Sly is a recent good movie. Rourke's performance doesn't even seem to be good acting, because he really feels like "The Ram." This is a big change-up for director Darren Aronofsky's trippy movies, and it is probably his best.

8 - In Bruges
Huge surprise for me. Colin Farrell hasn't been in my top ten since American Outlaws (sarcasm). He and Brendan Gleeson make this movie about hitmen with consciences hilarious. Great dialogue.

7 - Iron Man
This is where I disagree with most of you. Iron Man is funny, great looking, and sorta exciting. It came out of nowhere and made a whole bunch of money. Robert Downey Jr. is fantastic as Tony Stark. Cocky, boozehound, and mustached. I just feel that a hero is only as good as his villain. Which means that Iron Man wasn't really that cool. Good movie, anticlimactic ending.

6 - Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Yes crazy enough Hellboy has beaten Iron Man. Though he probably could in a fight anyways. This movie is a great guy movie that is more of a fantasy film than superhero. Amazing visuals.

5 - Ghost Town
There were some good comedies this year like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but I felt that the comedy Ghost Town was a better movie. Plus, Ricky Gervais (from UK's the office) is a guilty pleasure so I laugh if he speaks. No bias there. It seems like a movie that is filled with cliches, but at the same time comes off sincere.

4 - The Incredible Hulk
The Hulk has finally been done justice. The 2003 movie felt more like a lifetime channel drama than a superhero movie. Edward Norton was perfectly cast as Bruce Banner. Nerdy but with inner struggles. The reason I liked this movie more than Iron Man is the villain actually matched Hulk in coolness and the end of the movie was entertaining. I'm doubtful, but I wish they would make another.

3 - Man on Wire
Denzel Washington's finest work. Oh wait, wrong movie. Man on Wire is a fantastic documentary showing the story of frenchy Phillippe Petit's goal and journey to illegally tightrope walk between the world trade center towers in the 1970's. I like me an entertaining documentary and this is the best I have seen since The King of Kong.

2 - Slumdog Millionaire
Director Danny Boyle (trainspotting, 28 days later) has tackled a different genre in every one of his movies. His latest, slumdog millionaire is his best film so far. I just saw this last night and am still thinking of memorable scenes. It's a dark picture of Mumbai, but also very inspiring as well. I definitely recommend this film.

1 - The Dark Knight
Those who know me would not be surprised. I'd go as far to say that if you have seen this movie, you would not be surprised by the high placement. Easily best movie of the year. This film is practically without flaw. The few exceptions being Maggie Gyllenhallanglat and Batman's husky phone-sex voice. Though besides those everything is perfect. The performances are spot on. Heath as the Joker is haunting, Aaron Eckhart should receive more praise for his role of Harvey Dent, and Christian Bale continues to be the best Batman since bobble-head Clooney. This film breaks from the comic book mold and becomes one of the best crime sagas in movie history. I guess you could say I liked it a little bit.


Tonya said...

Thanks for the review, now i have a list to take to the video store and will know exactly what to rent. I see I have missed 6 of the best movies in 2008.

Fergdawg said...

Hellboy 2 was the worst pile of steaming crap I've ever witnessed. I considered suing for my 8 bucks back.

Kenny D said...

siren, you will not regret it. though i'm curious as to what movies you missed.
fergalicious, I know you've seen worse movies. I know it.

Fergdawg said...

Excluding the genre of "chick flicks" I can't think of any that were actually worse.

Kenny D said...

death race.

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