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I'm getting things kicked off here for "Actor week." We'll be reviewing multiple leading men from the big-screen. We considered doing an "Actress week," but that would just turn into a list of hot women we'd like to see naked.
Hopefully, we can be of some help when you're standing in front of the Redbox near the pharmacy counter in your local Albertsons.

The world is full of "one-note" actors. Nicholas Cage, Kevin Costner, and Brendan Fraser to name a few. These guys play one note well, but it's the only one they know. Their movies are based on simple 7th grade math equations to garner viewers. Some of them are actually decent, but over time you'll grow tired of the familiarity of their character from one role to the next.

When I first saw Seth Rogen in a movie (40-year old virgin), I thought he was a disgustingly crass breath of fresh air. His quick quips which all generally discussed some form of sex or body part, were funny in small doses as a shocking sub-plot to the main theme.

Is Bruce Vilanch his real Father??

His first big lead role was in Knocked Up. While he was funny at times, the movie was pretty bad. His cavalier, pot-smoking loser character was cute for the first 20 minutes, but became tiring. This movie was not good, and I hoped that this might be a small blip in Rogen's movie career. Like Tom Hanks in Joe Versus the Volcano.

Rogen came back with a comedy vengeance in the ridiculously crude Superbad. As Officer Michaels, he was completely hilarious. This was a perfectly cast role for him.

And then the bottom fell out.

Rogen pushed out 2 movies in a short time-frame in which he was the lead.
In Zack and Miri make a porno, he started out with a bang. He was funny, and disgusting at the same time. But after 20 minutes of the show, he ran out of jokes. There is only so many references you create to describe the penis and masturbation before it becomes tiresome. The show (and his character) ran out of gas quickly, and was a pain to finish.
But Zack and Miri was nothing compared to the pile of horse manure that was called the Pineapple Express.
This "Cheech and Chong" wannabe movie literally garnered 2 laughs. (1 was from excitement that it was finally over)
I am thoroughly convinced that the following items must take place in exact sequence for this movie to be funny:

1-Start drinking at 9AM.
2-Go to work from 12-4pm bussing tables at Ruby Tuesday.
3-Watch "the greatest UFC knockouts from 2007."
4-Continue drinking.
5-Sit through 25 minutes of "keeping up with the Kardashians."
6-Attempt to call in local radio show to request a Billy Squier song.
7-Hit 12:05 showing of Pineapple Express.

I think one of two things are an accurate statement of Rogen's career at this moment.

It's possible that he is in a comedy tailspin, heading down the same trail as many one-note actors that have come before him. His comedy is based upon shock factor. He makes Dane Cook look like the nice guy bagging your groceries. He needs to branch out his type of comedy, or he will end up just like Cheech and Chong--being roasted on comedy central in 20 years by Lisa Lampenelli.

The other possibility is that he wasn't meant to be the leading role in a movie. In every role where he's a supporting actor, he is great. Seth Rogen is like the Nachos Supreme from Taco Bell--Good in small doses.

Seth Rogen is teetering on the edge in my mind. Another bad performance or two, and every movie from here on out will be the death kiss. Hopefully he can rebound and expand his comedic performances.

Rogen wits his way to a 2-star rating.


Anonymous said...

Agree, but I'm still piping up. Seth's going downhill fast.

Meg said...

I'm sorry to say because Seth isn't hot, I've never paid attention to him.

As for one-noter Nicholas Cage, have you seen the Weatherman? It's one of the few movies where I laughed out loud.

The Office Scribe said...

No mention of the fact that he is in the midst of getting into pique physical shape for a movie that is never going to happen?

For shame

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