Jack Black

This is toughie for me. Jack Black is first and foremost the legendary lead singer for Tenacious D, one of my all time favorite bands. It is not for the faint of heart, so don’t look them up if you are unfamiliar with their work or are ever offended by anything....at all. They are hyper-offensive to most. I’ve listened to their debut album roughly 1000 times and watched some of their brief HBO shows and loved most of it. Stupid, crass humor that a guy like me can’t get enough of.

Early in his career, the most acting he had done was being the leader of the Nasties in "The Neverending Story Part III". Yup, they made a 3rd. Years later after several other bit parts, and achieving God-like status in Tenacious D, he went mainstream as an actor and I instantly loved most of what he did.

Aside from King Kong, his characters are all the same, though. He is kind of a one trick pony, but I do generally love the trick. I am always amused at his very presence. That being said, most of his latest movies have been absolutely horrible, the worst of which was "The Pick of Destiny" which I so looked forward to as I had such high hopes. This was supposed to be his segue back to his roots....ROCKIN'! Rage Cage was there in all his rotund glory. The ingredients were there, but it came out bad, horrible really, especially for real Tenacious D fans. Nothing new? The jokes were the same old ones, now a little tired after hearing repeatedly on the original album, seeing them in music video form, and reenacted on HBO. Exact same jokes, same plot, same story….but not as funny anymore. Further, "Envy" sucked. "Nacho Libre" blew all kinds of donkey. "Be kind rewind", what a waste of time. It had some great potential but ended like crap. There were probably others, but they are pushed out of my mind right now.

His voice is great so the animated stuff has been good. I liked him as a gay shark in "Shark Tale". "Kung Fu Panda" was awesome mostly because it was just Jack doing his normal thing. "That's right, a Karate chop. Keeiiiii!" So I like the character which I think is just the real Jack. So as an actor, I can’t give him much credit, but if the role is pure Jack, then he is great. As a side note, his choice of scripts is bloody awful so I also recommend he find another agent.

This is very tough for me to do. Were I a gay man, I would likely be a Tenacious D groupie. He is hilarious always but this is an actor review and based on non-Tenacious D acting, I have to give him a meager 2-stars. That being said, I love you Jack and would definitely love to hang sometime. You’re hilarious, and a genius, and on guitar....you're kick-ass.


Anonymous said...

This might sound like strange advice, but give Pick Of Destiny another shot. I can't vouch for the rest of your list though, ugh!

MeatWad said...

Ok, I'll give it another try. Jack deserves that.

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